Sunday, November 30, 2008

Gunmetal, silver, burnished brass and copper...

I have been a jewelry makin', idea swirlin, making and remaking, loving and hating it all fool the past few days...

Now I just have to photograph them so I can get my website (which may end up being a blog) back up and running. That is usually the part that takes me the longest, because I am never happy with the pictures. I may just take standard shots on my black form and edit them when I have more time. Hopefully they will sell either way...

Last year I listed several pieces on Etsy and Ebay, but found they sold better when I got the word out locally (friends and family). I am hoping that it will once again work because I don't want to get tied up in listing and selling fee's if nothing will sell. Does that make sense?

You can see some of the pieces I made earlier this year by checking here. This were photos that I ended up doing quickly for someone, and I hated them. But a girl's gott'a do what I girl's gott'a do.

Now on to something that is really exciting to me... I made it through a challenge I clearly did not think I would be successful at. I survived NaBloPoMo and didn't miss a single day! I even multi posted some days. I am going to challenge myself to continue it, however I am not promising I will succeed. Some days were pretty brutal! Now the dilemma is this... Since both Kim and I passed the test, and neither of us lost the bet... who is going to pay for lunch at The Good Earth??? Hmmmmm.....

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Saturday snipnet...

My Christmas shopping is almost done!!!

Several of you asked me to post a haircut shot, here it is

Thats all I got for today! I'm pooped! :)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Haircuts, naps, popcorn and snoring cats

This morning I finally was able to get a much needed hair cut. This past year, I have been leery to make the appointment because I have become superstitious of the scissors... Here is why:
  • Last October I went to my old stylist for a trim. Within a week I was in Rochester in horrendous pain, and all sorts of tests looking for Lupus and MS (ended up being Fibromyalgia.)
  • Last November (beginning) I went to my regular stylist for a repair (I didn't like the cut I had gotten in October). The next day I was on the operating table with kidney stones.
  • Last November (end) I went back to get a color, and Jadon a hair cut before Bruce's funeral. Three days later he was in Children's Hospital for 9 days.
  • I did not get my hair cut again until March because I was starting to get superstitious. Thankfully nothing happened this trip.
  • In July I was in desperate need for a trim. It was hot and I had been already wearing my hair pulled back for several weeks. Onthe 13th I went in for a cut. On the 15th I was in the hospital for the start of 3 kidney surgeries for stones and excess scar tissue.

I am sure you can imagine, I have not been back since.

On Wednesday I was telling my friend Jennie (who is also Jadon's daycare) that I was so tired of wearing my hair back and was ready to go "under the scissors", but was feeling a little leary about doing so. She convinced me to make an appointment, this time with her sister, for this morning.

I am not kidding you, within 2 hours I was in so much pain I thought I was dying. Granted I couldn't hold the haircut at fault because I hadn't had it yet, but seriously...

I got it cut this morning - loopy from being on Torodol for 3 days again, and not sure what I wanted done, I told her "do whatever, I am easy - but make it something that looks good in a hospital bed just in case!". She did a really cute cut, that even toss dried looks styled. She took nearly 5 inches off! Hair that was sweeping just past my shoulders this morning is now not quite clearing my chin line, and barely a whisper at the nape of my neck. You know the cut - that one that you do not recognize in a mirror, and stopped short in your fingers when you lathered, brushed or ran your fingers through. Yeah, its that kind of short.

But I think I may like it.

Pray that I am safe from more hospital visits...

My 17 year old cousin Sarah (who is more like a sister) had come back with us last night to stay over and hang out (because I am "cool mom" you know - just dont tell my kids). When I got back from my cut, she was sprawled out on the sofa waiting to watch a flick and eat my famous whirly popped pop corn (they come from a far for the best tasting popcorn ever - come on over, I will whip you up a batch!). We decided 10:30 may be a little too early to eat popped goodness, so instead decided to watch 1/2 the movie first. It was a mighty fine nap. We aren't sure how the movie was however - and we missed 1/2 time.

My cousin Danielle was going to be picking Sar up around 1:30 and we still hadn't had our buttery snack, so we had it for lunch before she left. Man was it good. My whole house smells like a buttery popped movie theater - only the popcorn here is much better!

I am not sure what the rest of the day will bring, but I am feeling another nap coming on. Maybe its that orange and white cat deep in melodic snoring slumber over yonder in front of the roaring fire...

I love Black Friday!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Last year Dayna listed "Thankfuls" from her kids and herself - one for each year of life. Because I am often unoriginal, I hijacked her idea. But we are real life friends, so I think she forgave me.

This was my list from last year.

Interestingly, much of my list is the same this year. Only one year longer.

1. For my marriage. It has been a tough year, but amazingly, we still keep plugging on.

2. For my husband who daily gives me reasons to keep trying to make it work even when I ready to give up.

3. For my children. I may not always appreciate their shenanigans, but I wouldn't have it anyother way.

4. For my friends. They get me through good times and bad. They make me laugh, cry, and celebrate.

5. For my freedom. More and more I realize how lucky I am. And more and more I realize how much others sacrafice for that freedom.

6. For the forgiveness of my mother long before her passing

7. For the wonderful years of friendship that followed

8. For my step father Bruce who loved her more than his own life, and made the end of her life precious

9. For my belief in the afterlife - I know one day I will see those I have lost again.

7. For the love of my father, the one person whose every opinion means more to me than most even when the truth hurts

8. For the family I am lucky to have - we may not all agree all the time, but in good times or bad, I would never trade them for anything.

9. For the family I married into - they bring a new life and character to my life.

10. For experiences that may not always be pleasant, but that all are a part of who I am.

11. For prayer. Because when all hope seems lost, there is always Someone left to turn to.

12. For faith. Because without my faith, I wouldn't turn to Him in times of need.

13. For good neighbors. People who truly care about my family.

14. For my past. It has given me character, charm and even a few scars.

15. For great food - and for my culinary taste in all kinds of it (just dont tell my hips)

16. For my creative spirit that allows me to make beautiful things

17. For the lessons I have learned that have made me a better person

18. For my "little sister" Chrissy who has made me feel worthy to so much - including my mothers memory

19. For my aunt Mary who has held so much of my mother dear to her still

20. For a job I still like to go to most mornings - a job that gives me freedom to do what I love.

21. For honesty

22. For love

23. For honor

24. For chocolate.

25. For clean drinking water.

26. For the release that writing a blog gives me - its therapy for the soul.

27. For the inspiration you all give me daily.

28. For answers to prayer. They remind you why it is important to pray in the first place.

29. For the comraderie and support that this scary place called the internet allows you to receive.

30. For trust. Without it this world would be a scary place.

31. For my home. It may not always be clean, but it is still beautiful.

32. For good music. It gives me something to get lost in when stress gets overwhelming.

33. For good books. They take me away to another place for a short time.

34. For good movies.

35. For the arts.

36. For the generosity of others. Without them we wouldn't be close to a cure for Cancer; Foundations to help kids, and families in need; food on foodshelves; blood donors, plasma donors; and good people doing good things for others.

37. For YOU!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Secrets and blessings

More than half a lifetime ago something major happened in my life. Something so profound, that while in the midst of it I thought I had super human power, a will of steel, and knee dropping humility.

Something so life changing that I kept a secret.

A secret that got bigger as each day passed. A secret that bore the roots of relationships; destroyed trust, broke hearts, mended fences and blossomed a lifetime of happiness and joy. A secret that I thought only I knew for nearly 7 months. A secret that bred new secrets that others kept, but did not share.

That secret manifested itself into truth 20 years ago.

In March of 1988 two young people did something young people do, and sometimes regret later. I don't know that I can ever say I regret it. Because from it came something so precious that honestly, one cannot doubt Gods plan.

From that act, came a life.

The signs were obvious to any observer. The sickness - 5 months of daily non stop trips to the bathroom. Pale clammy skin, weightloss and exhaustion. Then came oversized clothes, an insatiable appetite and excuses. Stories of why although I hadn't eaten most of the summer, I still gained weight in obvious places.

I was living 1500 miles from home. So the people who knew me best were not seeing the changes in me. By the time summer was over I felt I had devised a plan that would prove that while only 17, I knew what the right answers were.

Then I came home.

I came home to a mother who was hurt that I still could not confess to her my secret. The secret she had known all along. The secret she kept for me, and knowledge of from me. And she had other secrets too. She had told someone. Someone who wanted more than anything to have a child of her own but could not.

I came home to my boyfriend. The young man who I had been with for almost a year. The boyfriend who had come to visit me in that far away place during the summer, but still didn't know my secret. The young man who I would date for two more years even after the secret was revealed, but was too naive himself to notice the changes in me.

I came home to my father. The man who blamed my mother for it all happening. The man who felt defeated and felt a failure. When my mother told him my secret I thought my world would end. But instead he put his arms around me and told me it would be ok. It wasn't however. Because this was the last straw that unravelled their already unravelling marriage. Not that my secret would have made a difference in the grand scheme of things. Most likely made him stick around longer than he had intended, to protect me from more harm.

Everyday my secret grew bigger. When I was forced to leave my school and go to a school for other girls with secrets, my life as a senior at my school ended. My friends didn't know how to deal with my now out in the open secret. They were afraid to talk to me, instead found it easier to talk about me.

It was hard. I was the muse to my boyfriends family. Paraded about as the girl who almost ruined their son's life. The girl who was taken to holiday parties and then made the blunt of jokes about basketball's and overeating. My secret became their joke.

As December rolled around, promises were made, plans were developed, papers were signed, and the waiting began. At the time I had no idea how this secret turned blessing would change my life forever.

The day my baby was born is etched forever in my mind. The following days however are a blur. I didn't see her, hold her, or say good bye to her. I didn't want to. I was afraid I would not be able to follow through with my decision. My boyfriend however spent as much time as he could with her. Letting her know that we both loved her, and that we made this decision to better her life.

The day we left the hospital we both cried. Not because we thought we made the wrong decision, but because we knew that our lives would never be the same. Innocence was never to be reclaimed. We wore the mark of children who bore a child. But we got through it together.

And our baby girl entered a life filled with love, and joy, and pride and more than she could ever wish for. She has been offered experiences most have never been offered. She has travelled places many will never see. She is receiving an education that is beyond my wildest dreams with opportunities that are abounding.

11 years ago the secret that was held by many, known by only a few, and spoken about by no one finally was revealed. Just before her 9th birthday, she asked for and received the knowledge she had been seeking for many of her young years. She found out that one of her closest family members, not much older than she, was the same person who gave her life. Once known only as her cousin, now known as so much more.

Our relationship has blossomed ever since. While she never shared a home with them, she has 6 siblings. My children, Mantha and Jadon, absolutely adore her, as she does them. They have grown up knowing her as their own. Her birth father has 4 children, all siblings to her that she has only met once, but she has created a relationship with their family that will last for her lifetime - when she is ready to explore it further.

For now, she is a successful Sophomore in college - a brilliant student who has a brilliant future ahead of her - planning to study abroad, and making more friends than I have ever known in my own lifetime.

In just over a month, my secret turned blessing will celebrate her 20th birthday.

20 years ago, I never would have imagined this day. 20 years ago I never would have imagined how much pride I would have in her. How much love I would have for her. How much she would change my life.

For 20 years I have thanked God for her life. For 20 years her parents (my mothers sister, and her husband) have thanked me for her life. For 2o years we have been blessed by the child she was, the woman she is becoming, and the future she holds in her hands.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Not Me Monday

Its time for another installment of therapy confession things I didn't do this past week.

Join me in MckMama's Blog Carnival of revelation to the things that maybe you did, maybe you didn't do. Its great therapy, its fun, and best of all, you find out you are not the only one that didn't do anything!

Last week went fast. I did not feel great the beginning of the week, but I finally did get my pain medication under control and was able to function quite well by Thursday. But it was touch and go for a couple of days...

I did not over sleep on Monday. And I did not take the kids once again, in my pajama's, literally crawling out of bed and getting into the car.

I did not go home at lunch and take a nap either. Because that would mean I did not have my pain meds under control. And I am always in control!

I did not purposefully schedule appointments at 9 am to guarantee making it to work on time.

I did not go to a meeting in another town on Tuesday, driving in pain the entire time when I should have stayed home. I did not then calculate the amount of time I would be at the meeting, discover it would be enough time, and then take a Torodol the second I sat down at my spot. I certainly did not yawn through the entire meeting. I would not do that because as Vice President of the Board, I need to keep my wits about me.

During that same meeting, I did not rush through my turn to share in order to end it early. I did not because it did not mean I would be back in town 2 hours early, and therefore would allow me some time to sneak home and take a nap before my next appointment. I did not do it.

Wednesday I did not tell my assistant to take the afternoon off to go shopping for a new winter coat because I wanted her out of my hair to take an afternoon off, but rather because she had worked extra hours for me a few weeks before while I was home ill.

I did not go home on Wednesday, rinse and repeat Monday and Tuesday. Because again, that would mean that I was not in control of my medication.

Thursday I did not leave my office at all so that I would avoid sleeping for the 4th day in a row. Its just not good for a girls mojo to have to depend on naps in the middle of the day.

Whoa, do you see a theme here? YOWZA's!

I did not get all up in the face of a fellow Board Member of the club when she insisted we lower our ticket price for live entertainment. I did not tell her that until she started to actually participate in, and be a part of the events we have going on at the club, and until she starts doing her part for publicity, her opinion meant nothing to me. If it were not for the fact that she is extremely opinionated hard to work with too busy - there really is not a positive word for what she is, so take your pick... I would have gone easier on her.

I did not try to resign my position on the Board after the conversation, only to be told that the rest of the Board needed me.

I did not then have a biotch session with the entertainment coordinator via email about her afterward. I would not do that - although he would! (bwahahahahahaha)

I did not have a blast on Friday when I went to the cities. I did not enjoy lunch, the company was miserable, and I did not at all like the movie!

And if you believe that, have I got a bridge for you!!

I did not however go to round two of Turkey Bingo. Just couldn't do it. Maybe Jim and Mantha will get lucky tonight. Jadon however was too tired (aka didn't want to eat what I made for dinner, so asked if he could go to bed instead).

I hope you had a great week not doing anything, and here is to a short week of not doing even less!


Because several of you asked me to post the article with Mantha's essay, I will post it today - but will remove the link by Wednesday. Again, its a lot of information to "put out there", but as a proud momma, I will share with you my friends!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bring it on!

I heart Thanksgiving dinner for one reason and one reason only... ok, two reasons. Wait, three reasons...

1. The desserts! I love love love pumpkin pie! I could eat it until I am green. And I make an awesome banana split dessert that I bring to holiday parties galore yo! (and at home in between because it is soooooo tasty)!

2. Scalloped corn. You have not had good scalloped corn until you have had my aunt's scalloped corn. It is made from the sweetest of sweet home grown sweet corn from my uncles farm. I could eat nothing but scalloped corn, and I will get all kinds of it on Thursday!!!

3. Stuffing. There is nothing like stuffing from the bird. N.O.T.H.I.N.G. Its like ice cream to my palette. Oh baby, come to mama!

The rest of it - meh. Could do without the bird, the potato's and the green bean casserole. Give me the good stuff and I will always come back for more!

So do you want a really good frozen dessert? I am willing to share. If you send me some tasty pumpkin pie!!!

Banana Split Dessert:

3 Banana's sliced no thicker than 1/2" thick the short way (circles people, circles)
1 Jar Chocolate Fudge (ice cream topping, must be fudge)
1 1/2 gallon block of Neapolitan ice cream
1 16 oz extra creamy Cool Whip
Graham Cracker Crust

Works best in a 10" spring form pan, but can be made in a high sided cake pan.

Make your favorite graham cracker crust (is really good with a pretzel crust too).

Layer the crust in the bottom of the spring form or cake pan. Layer banana's. Open carton of ice cream completely so the whole block is exposed. Slice ice cream in 3" thick slices (2" if you are using a rectangular cake pan). Layer the ice cream over banana's, and press into shape of pan (this part is messy). Layer chocolate fudge over ice cream (if you can freeze the dessert overnight, then slightly warm the fudge so it spreads easier). Layer cool whip over the top of the dessert.

Freeze in very cold freezer for at least 6 hours. The ice cream will start to melt while you are preparing the dessert, so the longer you can re-freeze it, the better for cutting and serving.

I drizzle chocolate syrup over the slices before serving for added pretty (and taste you know...).

Warning, this is addictive, and it is easy to over eat it - just don't hate me if you eat the whole thing!

What is your favorite part of the meal?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Can't a man do that?

Tonight as we lay snuggled up in Jim's recliner, searching for the perfect mother-son movie to watch, Jadon starts to slide down the chair.

Me: Where are you going?

Jadon: Nowhere, I am just stretching. Can't a man do that?

Well, I guess a man can. Especially if he is a 6 year old.

So we started watching Transformers, and he got bored. We have now switched to the all time classic E.T., however it is 9:06 and I am dozy, so I am thinking we will instead record it to the DVR and watch it tomorrow.

I was supposed to go to a friends surprise 40th birthday party tonight, but after dinner I wasn't feeling well at all. Hopefully my friend Jenn had a good time, and is willing to forgive me my lameness, but I really didn't think she needed me spilling my guts (literally) at her part-ay!

Off to watch *some* of E.T., then off to snuggle with my bug in bed. I think we will be a party of three in the king size bed tonight. Hopefully daddy won't mind.

A big contest Smallfry style!

By now you know I am a follower of many (see my sidebar), and a leader of none (not even those in my blog header). Make me a leader for one day, and follow me to one of my favorite places to curl up on a cold day and read over at SmallFry's - ok, well, really, MckMama's.

While neither of us are McD's fans, she always delivers a tasty order complete with a BigMac, MckNugget, a SmallFry, and for those days when you want a breakfast sandwich anytime of day, a MckMuffin!

Today she is serving up a big contest with a prize package that you can read about over here. The most wonderful part of this contest is that even if you have never read her blog, even YOU can enter to win!

So pop on over, check out SmallFry's contest, and receive an adorably blown baby girl kiss!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Tired, full and a good samaritan

Today I made a trip to the cities to meet up with my pal Kim. We had a wonderful lunch at Twin Cities Grill - shared stories - had wonderful conversation - felt like we had known each other forever.

Then we took a walk to the theater (which was located on the way other side of the Mall [of America]) and purchased VIP tickets to "Twilight". A rockin good movie that ended with you wanting more.

If you live in the cities and have access to MOA, I highly recommend VIP tickets. For a few dollars more, you are allowed the luxury of reclining, wide seated, comfortable high back rocker seats. Tables and raised arms at every second seat, and WAIT STAFF who take your order, and deliver it with a smile on a cute little compartmentalized tray that fits in the cup holder - right within reach yet without the butter stains on your lap!!!

If you need to use the restroom? Well they are there to guide you on your way. After the film, they ask you if you enjoyed yourself, and get this, actually thank you for coming!!! In the evenings after 6 you are also welcome to purchase adult beverages (rather high priced, but the novelty may be worth it).

The only thing we decided was that they needed foot rests and blankets, but then again, we never asked, so maybe they had'em!

Driving in the dark was mesmerizing. There was a deer laying in one of the lanes of traffic on my way home. I almost hit it - living out on the prairie we don't exactly have street lights on the highway. Luckily I was successfully avoiding dozing off and saw it just before impact. The car behind me was merging over from the other lane, so I was worried they would hit it. I saw them swerve from my rear view, and decided that it was emergent enough of a situation to call 9-1-1. It is a little disconcerting, yet also comforting to know that by the time they answered they had already locked in my signal and knew exactly where I was. Of course I hadn't stopped, so I had to explain in some detail where exactly said carcass was. But they ensured me a squad car was on its way to clear the debris.

All in all it was an awesome trip back up to my old stomping grounds. Kim is a delight - she is exactly as I expected. Charming, funny and full of life. I can't wait until we can do it again!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Outraged and sad all at the same time

This morning in our local paper there was an article titled "Christmas Wars" to remove God start early. Of course curiosity got the better of me so I read on. And now I am outraged.

This is the article our Editor was referring to. The ad is more than offensive, and looking at the website is even worse. Of course by looking at the site, and by even posting about the ad I am giving them the recognition they are looking for, but I feel that it is my duty as a believer in God, that warriors on His behalf combat this ludicrous campaign to the best of our ability!

Can you believe this is on buses in Washington D.C.???

I am just flabbergasted by this... Maybe end of times are drawing near and the battle lines are being drawn. I for one know Whose side I am on!


And now for some strangeness to cool you down a little:

If this doesn't convince you to wash your hands, I don't know what will... Worm

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Gone with the wind

Alternately titled: When is it going to stop?

I have said it before - life on the prairie is well, breezy. We down here liken it to a slow moving hurricane sans the water. Today we are enjoying 40 mph winds, with gusts up to 50 mph.

I can handle rain, I can handle snow, I can even handle cold. But I cannot handle wind. Especially when it is combined with any of the above. Today it came with cold. Mind blowing, bone chilling, skin numbing cold. On a non windy day, it may feel more like an average November day. But today it feels like the pits of hell in January. So cold that all day I have not been able to warm up. So cold that my cuticles are splitting when I type because my hands are so dry.

The kind of cold that makes me think of restaurants that serve really hot food, rather than restaurants where I like the kind of food that is mostly cold.

The kind of cold that makes me wish I liked turtle necks and wool pants. The kind of cold that makes me think that it WAS God's plan to make me fat so I didn't freeze even more!

And its only just begun (do you hear that diddy playing in the back of your mind? I do - now I have to think of another song or I will never sleep because I only remember the chorus...).


A friend of our is in Canada hunting for a week. He asked us to dog (or in Axel's case moose) sit for him. For the next 6 days we will be a household with two kids, two cats and two dogs (or one short leg and one moose). Can you say "Calgon take me away?"

At night and when we are gone, Daschel - our one year old Corgi - is in a pen - a gated off hallway that is approximately 6' x 8'. Tonight he has been in his pen a little more than usual because he felt the need to make his territory known if you catch my drift. Axel - our friends ten year old black lab - is now also penned off by our back door. They are on two different levels of the house - but they are acting like they are right next to each other - being all territorial. We let them play together for a little while, but Dash is literally a third of Axel's size. At one time Dash got cornered behind Axel who was very excited to see the kids - tail a waggin and all. Poor Dash took a snout lashing over and over and over. Poor little guy. He tries so hard to be the bigger dog, but sadly, there aren't too many his junior!

So pray my friends that the boys will settle down so mama can get some sleep!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Freedom, and how I feel about it...

By Mantha, 5th grade

Freedom, and how I feel about it
Freedom means a lot to me, so I am going to tell you some things I think and know. I know that we are free because people went to war and died to make our country free to all people at all ages. We here in America have a privilege to be free and do as we please. But I thikn we in America should use this privilege more responsibly. Another opinion I have is other countries should be as free as we are in America. But I am just happy we are free to do as we please, if we play by the rules.

In her own words. As submitted in a Freedom Writers contest at school for which she won first prize from the Ladies Auxilliary of the American Legion. Her "story" (as well as the other entrants) was read at the Veteran's dinner last Tuesday. The vets voted. She is so excited because she will have her picture in the newspaper. I am so happy for her. She was beyond giddy!

Good job kiddo!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Not Me Monday - Part - (well, something with a lot of symbols - 10 I think)

Its Monday! And I am really behind on MckMama's Monday Blog Carnival of Not Me Monday.

I did not skip any days of work last week. Ok, well not any full days - I did sleep in one morning and then hang out and do a whole lot of nothing until noon. BUT, I have been ill, and I have been in pain, so its justified.

I did not start a list of people I should track down and reclaim stakes on old friendships. I did not because I was rejoicing at finding just one of those friends this weekend. It did me happy to talk to her again! I think one at a time is a good start!

I did not suggest to my husband that I take Mantha out of school on Friday so I can skip the light fantastic with a pal of mine, and then bring another friend back from the city to skip some more over the weekend.

I did not show a display of shock and awe when he did not buck me on the idea. So pally - we are on!

I did not stay home from Turkey Bingo last night because I was stubborn. I stayed home last night from Turkey Bingo because I wasn't feeling quite right after we ate dinner. I am really buying into the idea that some of these problems may be gallbladder.

I did not chuckle just a little when they came home with NOTHING to show for their Bingo prowess. (ok, yes I did.) I mean really, what did they expect? There were like 300 people there, and only 12 were coming home with Tom.

I did not play arm chair referee most of yesterday afternoon. I did not holla' to my peeps that they were too loud, or fighting too much, or being disrespectful of my peaceful Sunday. Instead I just told them to shut the door.

I did not make, and then take apart one bracelet over and over last night. A bracelet that took almost 2 hours to make because well, I am a perfectionist. I still dont like it, so instead of selling it I will wear it like a sad little reminder that I need to be spending more time being creative, and less time avoiding it. I am losing my touch. And I need to start selling for the holidays!

I did not bother to do my hair and makeup today. I think it is scaring my assistant. I always care about how I look (to the best of my ability - I mean really, you can't paint a masterpiece on a paperbag now can you?) - I never come in without primping first. I guess I do not care today. I am so tired of feeling crappy - painful - and snotty.

I did not spend most of the morning fixing the printer in my office.

And it still doesn't work.

I guess I should be focusing on that project right now! Have a great Monday!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Calling all Turkeys...

So Jim has been begging me all day for us to take the kids to Turkey Bingo at the Catholic Church tonight.

I'm being an oversized baby becasue I really don't want to go. It would mean getting dressed. And going out in the 24 degree, windy cold night air. It would mean crawling out from under my favorite fleece blanket, and making dinner now so we can leave in an hour and a half.

We didn't go to church this morning. Or any Sunday in the past 5 or 6 weeks. I know our Priest will be there, and I am positive he will say something along the lines of "I haven't seen you in a while".

I am sure I will be going, but I have to complain about it first so I feel like I won the battle.

Its all about technique people, all about technique.

I guess I better go get dressed.

And make dinner.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

NaBloPoMo's - we made it half way!!!

And I am very happy to say that I am glad I took the challenge. It has taken me less time this month to decide what I would write each day because the inspiration was already there. I was inspired to meet the challenge, and it came easily. I have't started a blank screen and wished I hadn't made a bet with my pal Kim.

I hope that it has been as rewarding to those of you who took the challenge too!

Friday, November 14, 2008

What is a friend?

I have been having some candid conversations just today with two people that I consider very good friends.

One friend I have known for over 10 years, have shared a third of my lifetime with. Happy events like the birth's of my children, my marriage, and my accomplishments personally and professionally. She has also been there for my tragedies. The loss of my mother to cancer, the loss of my stepfather. The loss of my ability to bear children teamed with my own cancer diagnosis all at the same time. The discovery that I carry the very cancer gene my mother died from. The loss of my job, and my sanity, and the loss of my self esteem so many times.

I have been there for her in many of the same ways.

We have gone through trials in our own relationship that caused us periods of time apart, reevaluating our decisions in our lives, and reevaluating our need for one another. We have always found that we need each other more than we need to fight over things that aren't ours to change. Because our friendship is bound by a love and respect for one another.

The other friend I have only known for a few months, have never met in real life, and have not had memories created with each other. We have not supported each other through our tragedies, we have not celebrated our achievements. What we have done is shared them when we discovered a commonality. We have supported each other in recent illnesses, and job woes, and life challenges, and we have found likenesses that have formed a kindred friendship. A friendship where there is trust, and true caring for each other.

If I were to ask this question of people who do not blog, who do not open up on the Internets, who do not spill their deepest darkest secrets for all to read, the response would be very different. I know that even in our blogging community there are people who do not believe you can trust full heartedly someone you have not met. I know there are some that maybe open up too much and and when we read what they are writing we want to say "why did you just put that on the web?" But there are many of us that truly develop close relationships with their fellow bloggers.

I have met some of my closest allies on the web. Through online birth clubs, and spin off chat groups, and right here on my blog. Many I have met in real life - trusting and caring for them as much as those friends I have shared a lifetime of memories with.

Is this lifestyle that we lead, with people we may never meet, is it a fad? Or is this the way of the future?

No matter what it is, how do you determine who is an "online acquaintance" an who is an "online friend"?

To end this sharing the love post, I have to gross it up a little...

To this I pose a warning: If you are easily disgusted by bodily excretions, do not read on...

Seriously, where does it all come from? That stuff that keeps coming out everytime I blow my nose. Because seriously, at the rate I am going, I should be losing close to 10# a day.

So where, seriously does it come from? And is there anything I can do to chemically alter my fat cells to come out the same way?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Several things you won't care to know...

UPDATE: Heidi asked a question that made me laugh: YES I did hike his pants up before I shot the photo. The unedited version will remain for my eyes only!

First and foremost, I love me a clean house. Especially a clean bathroom. Company is welcome any time when my bathrooms sparkle. The rest of the house can be crammed into closets and junk drawers, but bathrooms, well they stand alone. And if they aren't clean, no one should be allowed to enter!

The problem with this desire to eat off my bathroom floor, or glean my reflection from a sparkling bowl is that I can't stand to get that close to the germies that live in bathrooms. So instead I had a cleaning lady that cleaned only my bathrooms. And then she moved away (like 3 years ago - I know, get over it already). And now they suffer.

Last night the plumber came (in the form of my husband) because my daughter the eternal toilet plugger upper had already plugged hers, and now was moving on to mine. And she did a doozy on mine. No amount of plunging or snaking could rid my bowl of its infirmities.

Apparently I missed this day of instruction in plumbing school:

Once the memory of this sight was burned from my mind, I decided that the now water infested floor from God only knows where needing scrubbing. Against my better judgement of pain tolerance I dawned me a pair of raggiest looking bath towels, some hot water, and Lysol, and I went at it (well, I walked in towels [with shoes on - cuz gaross - you don't really think I would have done this barefoot, or heaven forbid in socks???]).

Once I was done, I got out the 409 antibacterial and I sprayed down (read: doused) the entire floor and dawned a new pair of raggiest looking bath towels and did an encore performance.

Then because my fans were hollering to me for a second curtain call, I grabbed my swiffer wetjet (of course with antibacterial formula) and did one last run through - "just in case".

So here is where my obsession got the best of me. I used Comet with bleach and a Mr. Clean scrubber to removed several layers of whatever my tub surround is made of. I then followed it up with Scrubbing Bubbles. And for good effect, and to keep up with second callings, I used my 409 to polish to a beautiful showroom shine.

I have a frequent love affair with those cute little bubble guys - and because they didn't thrill me with their song while in my already scrubbed tub, I needed to hear their chorus before I would feel satisfied. So I lathered down the counter (lots of hairspray make them ever so happy!). And did they ever please. They sang, first in unison, and then at some point, a few artists belted out a love ballad to me - a capella, because they roll that way.

So now, one bathroom is down. Two more to go. But I digress, I have an excuse, so when you come to visit me, please take a right and head upstairs. Please, please, for your own safety, do not enter the other two. You may not come out alive!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Discs V. Dicks

I can see it now... Kimmy is over yonder thinkin' to her self that Lori hasn't posted yet - its 8:12, and I am sure she is in bed or off doing something "non bloggy" and is about to lose the bet.

Well guess again my friend!

So today I finally got into another doctor. Actually my old doctor from the bigger town clinic. She happens to be friends with my doctor from my small town, and I really didn't want to see her because I was and still am afraid that I said something incriminating about the care I received last week and it will get back to Dr. A.

Note to self... next time you befriend a doctor from Nigeria and you live in a small town, don't introduce that doctor to your current doctor in the bigger town who is also from Nigeria. And then don't change to the doctor you befriended, only to have to go back to the original doctor for a second opinion. It will inevitably bite you in the proverbial ass.

Or backfire.

Hopefully that has not/will not happen in this scenario.

My cold is horrendous. So bad that my stomach hurts when I cough (for all of you mothers who have had c-sections, or you ladies who have had hysterectomy's, you will understand), right along that line where my muscles were sliced apart during my hysto 4 years ago.

And my chest hurts, and my nose is raw, and my garbage cans are all white and fluffy with used and disposed of tissues, and the backs of my shoulders feel like someone has been slugging me all day long.

Interestingly, even though I barely can speak, sound like a seal and have post nasal drip, nothing was spoken of THAT particular condition today. I have decided that medicine is practiced in such a way that only one symptom is dealt with per visit - you know - for more billable time...

Anyway... Dr. B (my old/new doctor from the bigger town clinic) has deduced that while Dr. A does not believe there is anything wrong with my "dicks or dick spaces", that I have indeed ruptured a disc (didn't I also say that last week - read back to 1998, you will see it right there in that fat file on your desk).

Benefit of the doubt? Maybe its not that they don't concur with the diagnosis, but rather are talking about two different things... Jim thinks that is the problem... as a female without a dick (but apparently with dick spaces [according to him]), there is no way for Dr. A to diagnose me. But since Dr. B can say it correctly, she knows where to look!

That being said, I have a MRI (it sounds better saying "an MRI", but it is not proper to say it that way so I digress) on Wednesday of next week. IF and only IF my insurance approves it. Apparently there is now a "Prior Authorization" for that kind of test on my account. Really? I would guess it would have to come from the many many stupid tests that Dr. A ran last week that not only turned up nothing, but also were looking at the wrong pieces of anatomy.

And she gets paid the big bucks.

Remember how I kept asking "are you sure it isn't my back???"

And I get to pay the big bucks.

Score one for the institution of medicine! They have it figured out... they get paid no matter what!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Remembering a Veteran

On this cold and freezing rainy, school delayed day, I pay homage to the veteran I lost one year ago today. In a strange way, it makes this day more of an honor to remember him than sad. To lose him on the day we also celebrate him.

6 years, 5 weeks and 4 days after my mother lost her battle with Cancer, my step father Bruce left us, and returned to her.

One year ago today after a week of waiting for him to wake, his slumber ended, and he hit the road in moms 56 Thunderbird with her at his side once again and they rode off into the sunset in their eternal Route 66.

Last year I posted this message from my aunt Mitz. I think it is a perfect homage to them:

“I believe in a lot of things. When I headed east to Mom's this morning at 7:00 a.m., I noticed how beautiful the sky was - I believe it was because of the reuniting of Bruce and Elaine and they wanted to share their happiness with us.

I also believe that when we go to Heaven, we leave all of our infirmities here. I hope there are backroads, rock & roll music, classic cars and good cigars in Heaven so Elaine and Bruce can motor down their own Route 66.”


I would like to honor both of my fathers today - my dad Charlie- who was in the Navy during Nam, and my step father Bruce who was in the Army in Nam and Desert Storm, and a life time Staff Sargeant in St Paul - training brave men on Black Hawk Helicopters. I am very proud of both of them.

I would also like to thank my friends DJ and Josh - husbands and sons of two very good friends of mine. Both served two tours during Enduring Freedom. It was hell for us while they were gone, but even worse for them. To my friends Jeanne and Melissa, thank you for allowing your son and husband serve so far away. Your strength while they were gone was empowering. To my new friend Valerie, while I have never met your husband, I remember the last few months of waiting with you for his return.

To my friend Becky who lost her nephew Brett, and to my friend Nancy, whose son is still recovering from life threatening injuries, Thank you. Thank you for your sacrafices.

God Bless all of you!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Not Me Monday Part VIII

Since I skipped them last week, I figured I had better get working on this weeks therapy.

As always, the queen mother of all things "Not Me" can be found at MyCharmingKids. Last week MckMama started late, and didn't really have a lot to confess, but I think she was more than allowed (and it made me feel better since I skipped it too) because MckMuffin aka Stellan made his long awaited appearance, and being a healthy completely outgrown his heart failure newborn, she has had her hands busy with 4 kids under the age of 3.

So here goes...

Last week I did not leave the sofa more than a few times a day, unless I was at the doctor's office that is.

I also did not deny my doctor when she offered me the likes of Percacet and Torodol. Instead I stuck to my motrin and when really desperate - Vicodin. I do not like Vicodin and the way it makes me feel, so I felt it was the lesser of all three evils. I have to admit that Percacet is my short term pain reliever of choice, but not good for long term - which over a week is long term to me.

I did not eat much last week, but I did have wicked cravings for M&M's and Cheetos. I did not get to satisfy that wicked craving however, as I was on the sofa.

I did not watch too much television over the past week (ok, I did), and I certainly did not watch the ENTIRE Starter Wife series on Friday (ok, I did).

I did not speak softly and carry a large sword on Thursday when I returned from another worthless appointment with my doctor when I discovered our cable was out. When I called the company I was very pleasant (really I was... this time). We have to have cable because we are the only county in the state of Minnesota that does not get local channels on Dish. Would have been nice if they would have told us that BEFORE we got Dish, but since they didn't, we get to pay $24 a month to have 5 channels. When they come in that is...

I did not speak loudly (ok I did) when I called on Friday and we still did not have cable.

I certainly did not lose my mind on the customer service rep on Saturday when, yes, still, we did not have cable. And I know for sure that my blood pressure did not hit epic levels when he told me that they have someone coming ON TUESDAY to look at the problem. Um, thanks for the heads up, and the rush on that Mr. Customer Service. I have been on this sofa for a week watching cheesy D movies - I need me my CBS and ABC.

I did not post very many happy thoughts last week. I am very sorry. I will work on that this week. Maybe...

I did not want to get out of bed at 5 am this morning when I heard the sputters of our lovely overpriced diesel not starting in the garage. I did however say a thank you to the alarm clock Gods who didn't make Jim get up at 2 am and have this same problem.

I did not then sit in the f-a-reezing cold truck in my pj's and a lightweight jacket thinking I was only running him to the yard where he keeps his semi. I did not sit there f-a-reezing because he was so grateful to have my help. I did however get blamed for the batteries being old since "I told you I needed new batteries" slipped from his mouth one of the umpteen times he swore that it wouldn't start.

I did stick it out with him. I am a good wife. And I let him blame me. His payback is coming. Just wait. Unfortunately, I did not get back to sleep once I crawled back into bed, and ended up watching the stupidest H movie (I would rate it a Z, but I don't want to offend Jude Law - cuz him is hawt!!!) until it was time to get kids up.

I did come to work today, and did plan on staying, but I am thinking that I do not need to sit in this rock hard chair all day and feel like I do.

Oh, and I did make a phone call to an Internal Medicine doc this morning to have her review my symptoms, the tests I had last week here in my small town, and hopefully get some results. I did also start to wonder if it isn't partially related to my gallbladder. Too many icky things to post about, but suffice it to say, when my friend the radiologist tech said my gallbladder looked large, it made me put the puzzle together. And I didn't need a medical degree for it. If I am right I am so going to change doctors! Ok, well I am already planning that... (this is the same clinic/hospital that caused Jadon's ordeal last fall [different doctor though - this one is supposed to be my friend...]... I'm done with them - close or not, its not worth it).

I s'pose I should end this monotony and get something done at work!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

When life hands you cheese...

I think I have attributed the weather to my mood. If I think happy thoughts the sun will come out. Maybe...

So one moment of complaint and I will move on to other things: Like it wasn't bad enough that I am living in a hell of pain, but I got some sort of nasty cold to boot! It started last night, and just keeps on a comin!

Ok, enough of that...


Much like that old addage "when life hands you lemons..."

Jadon is a cheese man. He always has been. It was the only thing that nourished him from age 10 months to 3 years old. Cheese, yogurt and chicken nuggets. And most days, is still his chosen snack. Usually in the form of a block with bite marks, Jadon must have it in some form everyday or he goes - well - all 6 year old on us. My friends laugh when I tell them that we go through at least 6 bags of shredded cheese a week in our house. Some say they are lucky if they go through one. It astounds me.

So this morning for "snack", Jadon went up to the kitchen, got a bowl, and promptly filled it with shredded colby jack. He filled'er to the brim that boy. Jim told him he had better eat it all, and I tossed out, and please, don't spill any. In return we both got the usual "I know", and watched our less than graceful kindergardener do his penguin stagger (you would have to see it to understand) towards the coffee table, little sprouts of cheese falling to the carpet (to the cats glee).

Jim decided to take a break from his perch at the fireplace and parked it on the sofa. Jadon decided to join him with his bowl of golden delight. Jim told him "no", and the tears came a flowin.

Enter stage right (ok, sit stage right), mom looks over at my crinkled face sobbing son and said, Jadon, how about daddy takes that cheese and turns it into cheesy chips!


I got the nod, and dad got to swagger back upstairs to make his son his second favorite thing to eat.

At 8:15 on Sunday morning.

When life hands you cheese, make cheesy chips!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

A new day has dawned

Same pain.

My doctor, who I have decided makes diagnosis based on symptoms and symptoms only. She doesn't look deeper if what she thought it was isn't. She has decided since it is not my kidney it MUST be the muscles in my back.

I have asked since Monday that she look at my lumbar on my Xray and CT. She told me there was no need because she was sure, based on my symptoms, that it was my kidney. When she found out it wasn't my kidney, she decides to look at my lumbar, but only after defending her initial statement that I am "not displaying the right symptoms" for it to be my back. Yet she is telling me it is my back. Only not where I think it is. It is my muscle. Because she can feel it and knows right where it is (um yeah, no).

She says there is nothing wrong with my "dicks or dicks spaces" (she is from Nigeria, so her English is not great). The interesting thing is, there is a problem with my L5/L6 "dicks", as it ruptured in 1998 and has never been fixed (but this pain is not that pain). So the question I ask is: Did she really look at it? Does she know what "dicks and dicks spaces" are supposed to look like?

Her favorite statement: "you aren't feeling this, or that, so it cant be the other" - but she hasn't asked if I am feeling this or that, she is assuming based on what is not in my pain. So her recommendation? Allow her to admit me and pump me up with meds to make the pain "go away". Problem with that? Once I am released because insurance won't pay for pain control sans diagnosis, then what? No more pain relief, still pain and no diagnosis.

Monday if it is not better at all, I am going to get a referral to Rochester. I have a doctor there that helps me with my Fibromyalgia (which this pain is definitely NOT).

Ok, so I am now done complaining about pain...

On to the weather...

It is cold, and windy, and snowy. It looks and feels more like January than November. It still amazes me how quickly weather can change. It was nearly 70 and gorgeous on Tuesday. On Thursday the snow started. On Friday we had about 4 wet inches. Today, the wet has turned to ice. The top layer is blowing, and more flakes are falling, where in open area's is creating somewhat of a white out.

Living on the edge of the prairie is beautiful. But it is also bitter, and windy, and desolate. I would never change where I live (however the prairie that we live on the edge of is now being built up, so soon I will not be able to say the same).

Oh, and we are on day 3 with no cable. Cheesy D movies are getting old. I watched the ENTIRE "Starter Wife" series yesterday on Oxygen. Lord help me, I think I actually liked it. I believe I have even DVR'd future episodes.

Pain pain go away - and please give me back my Cable today!

Friday, November 7, 2008

The view from where I lay...

This is what I see from my cozy spot on the sofa. It seems like its early, but really it isn't. It is November.

Our cable is out, but our Dish is working, so sadly, I will have to trade soaps for cheezy D movies today.

Here is where we are at in the grand scheme of things:
I’m still here at home. Still in pain. Still no answers. The stones I had on Monday passed. But the pain in my back isn’t better. The CT and X Ray show nothing remarkable about my spine, so we just sit and wait some more. I am on mega doses of narcotics just so I can sit/lay down/stand, but I am feeling pain through them too. So we are not sure what the next step is. I need to get back to work, so come Monday I may just have to start suffering through it and pray that it will resolve itself. In two words: IT SUCKS!

And as you can see it is snowing. Farewell to our unseasonably beautiful southwest Minnesota autumn.

And so you don't think I have gotten too comfortable just laying around, see that pile of pillows and my favorite blanket? See who is using them? Not me... So she is sure I don't forget she is here, she has also made her presence known on my laptop...

Thursday, November 6, 2008


See those large birds over yonder? The ones feeding in that field? The ones planning their trek south to somewhere warm?

Those would be the geese.

Now look over there... See that hunched over thing shuffling like Igor holding its back and howling? That thing that looks like a mutated elephant man?

That would be me.

See the shuffling thing pick up the pace, while the large birds now alert start to squawk and holler?

That's this week.

Now see that shuffling thing break out into a full shuffling canter? And see the large birds run right at the shuffling thing?

That's the chase.

See who's winning?

The geese!

Alternately titled: My wild goose chase of a week

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Waiting for a phone call.

Waiting to take pain meds.

Waiting for some resolve.

Waiting for some blessed relief.

Waiting for something.

Don't know what.

Just waiting.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Just in case...


I'm waiting out the kidney stone storm at home. They were too inflammed to see the stones on an Xray but there was a high amount of blood in my urine and my platelets are at 32,000, so there is almost no doubt there are stones. The doubt is where they are located. If they are already trying to pass then no intervention is needed. If they are not, then in two days I will go back in and do a CT.

I am sick of this kidney stuff. Its been a year solid.
Today they feel like they are on fire!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Not me on Monday

Its Monday, and I usually do these. But today I am not. I just don't feel well, I'm waiting to go to the Dr. in 45 minutes.

My small town doctor called me when she saw my name on her schedule. She told me that she was sure I was right about this, because she pulled my last CT Scan and said there were TWO not ONE stones in July (the one they removed was 19mm, the one that was left she thinks was 8mm). I know there was a fragment left behind after my 2nd Lithotripsy, but when my big town Urologist saw me in September he did another X-Ray and never called me to say it was still there so I assumed it passed.

This is the 2nd time since November of last year that I was told by my small town doctor that there was still something left behind after my surgeries. It appears to me that my big town Urologist may be the problem.

So this morning I will go in, have my usual bloodwork, CT, Demoral and Torodol and probably Vistaril, because that has been my protocol for the last year. Then I will be read my CT and told that the same stone that didnt get removed (can you hear my husband screaming lawsuit? [he is so mad at the doctors we have dealt with in the past year - especially overly cautious since Jadons ordeal last November]), has gotten larger and then get sent off to the big town hospital to have another round of stents and Lithotripsy. For as much as I am hoping it is not my right kidney, at the same time I hope it is. My left is so full of scar tissue that he told me in August it will not sustain much more damage.

This time I am prepared and have a ride lined up already. And this time my husband knows better than to call my dad. He got in a ton of trouble from me because my dad is very doting, and has a tendancy to move in and put his life on hold when I get sick - and this weekend is deer hunting opener so I dont want him bothered.

Anyone got a kidney I can borrow?

Alternately titled: Damn these suckers hurt!!!

I am actually writing this Sunday and cheating a little - I want to be sure I have a Monday post - because I have a feeling tomorrow I will be horizontal in a hospital bed for the umteenth time since last November.

My kidneys are raging a battle against me and they are winning. The pain is B.E.Y.O.N.D. measurable. I have already called my assistant, and have a bag packed, because I am 90% positive that this is more than a double kidney infection.

It is a little disheartening because right now I cant tell you where my left and right pain ends. Which means my normally healthy right kidney (sans this infection) is starting to have issue. And since the first time this go round I had 8 months between stints (or should I say stents), and it has now only been 4 months, I am thinking I am in for some major fun (NOT!).

I will be back in the morning with Not Me's if I am not in the hospital, or on the way.

Pray its not getting worse. At least it is happening in the same calendar year so I should be ok insurance wise...

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Just like "The Little Engine That Could" would say...

"You can do it, you can do it"... YES I CAN!

I pondered it all day Friday and yesterday and thought, no, I can't. I am afraid I will forget a day.

And then I will feel guilty.

Then I thought, if I am full of wit on one day, I could "post date" a few entries so I don't forget.

But then I would for sure feel guilty.

And then I decided I had to beat kim-d at the game. Especially since she picked on me Saturday for *trying* to pass off my mood to a good day wish.

This morning vowed I would beat her at her game!


So I challenge thee my friend. If you miss a day, you are buyin, if I miss a day, I am buyin! You know the place.


NaBloPoMo is on!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

So as not to sound royally crabby today...

Happy All Saints Day!

Egg in my face...

Or rather, on my garage doors...

Reason #2 why Halloween is not my favorite holiday.

And reason #1 why I take all my decorations in before I turn off the lights:

It makes me feel hypocritical to send my kids out to beg for candy trick or treat. Trust me, if I could bribe them with a mixed bag of Targets best, I would do it in a heartbeat, and not for even one moment turn on the front porch light!

I thought I left the childish behavior back in the cities. Apparently not. Good thing it will be nice enough out today that cleaning this frosty mess of my door will not mean scraping. Warm soap and water should do.

Its just the principle of the thing. Know what I mean?

I have to confess that some explitives came out of my mouth toward the anger filled little mongors who did this. It isn't a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but you know what? I am a nice neighbor, a good citizen, a very generous person, so I don't think this is justified.

To the little hoodlums who think it is ok to defile someones property:

I can't help it that all the cars from the south side beat you to my doorstep. 300 other kids made it here before you, can't help that my candy is popular (not really, but you know), and that I didn't buy enough for your late night exploits, but last year you smashed my fake pumpkins that I bought when my son was born in 2002. And that hurt a little. So either get your teenage butts out earlier, or get used to the idea of not getting candy. Maybe you should consider talking your mothers into taking off their costumes and throwing you a teenage party - take your anger out on her when she runs out of food and candy. My kids are still young and impressionable and still believe in Santa. If you don't ruin it for them, I won't either.

To the mothers who come in masks thinking they have fooled me:

You know who you are, coming over to my house begging for my candy trick or treating so you have candy to give out at your house. The economic situation is also causing strife on my checkbook, so I would really rather not have to support your family too. If you are in it for the sugar high, maybe you haven't been taught Halloween 101: One for them, two for you.

Learn it. Grasp it. Next year practice it.

Or I will be forced to saran wrap my house, and leave the front porch light off.

Oh, and one more thing: to those of you would only utter "trick or treat" when I threatened not to share my stash, and then walked away with nary a "thank you" for which I was lady who yelled "you're welcome!" - manners are NOT overrated. Please practice up for next year. You have 364 days left! You can do it!!!