Monday, November 3, 2008

Anyone got a kidney I can borrow?

Alternately titled: Damn these suckers hurt!!!

I am actually writing this Sunday and cheating a little - I want to be sure I have a Monday post - because I have a feeling tomorrow I will be horizontal in a hospital bed for the umteenth time since last November.

My kidneys are raging a battle against me and they are winning. The pain is B.E.Y.O.N.D. measurable. I have already called my assistant, and have a bag packed, because I am 90% positive that this is more than a double kidney infection.

It is a little disheartening because right now I cant tell you where my left and right pain ends. Which means my normally healthy right kidney (sans this infection) is starting to have issue. And since the first time this go round I had 8 months between stints (or should I say stents), and it has now only been 4 months, I am thinking I am in for some major fun (NOT!).

I will be back in the morning with Not Me's if I am not in the hospital, or on the way.

Pray its not getting worse. At least it is happening in the same calendar year so I should be ok insurance wise...
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