Monday, November 17, 2008

Not Me Monday - Part - (well, something with a lot of symbols - 10 I think)

Its Monday! And I am really behind on MckMama's Monday Blog Carnival of Not Me Monday.

I did not skip any days of work last week. Ok, well not any full days - I did sleep in one morning and then hang out and do a whole lot of nothing until noon. BUT, I have been ill, and I have been in pain, so its justified.

I did not start a list of people I should track down and reclaim stakes on old friendships. I did not because I was rejoicing at finding just one of those friends this weekend. It did me happy to talk to her again! I think one at a time is a good start!

I did not suggest to my husband that I take Mantha out of school on Friday so I can skip the light fantastic with a pal of mine, and then bring another friend back from the city to skip some more over the weekend.

I did not show a display of shock and awe when he did not buck me on the idea. So pally - we are on!

I did not stay home from Turkey Bingo last night because I was stubborn. I stayed home last night from Turkey Bingo because I wasn't feeling quite right after we ate dinner. I am really buying into the idea that some of these problems may be gallbladder.

I did not chuckle just a little when they came home with NOTHING to show for their Bingo prowess. (ok, yes I did.) I mean really, what did they expect? There were like 300 people there, and only 12 were coming home with Tom.

I did not play arm chair referee most of yesterday afternoon. I did not holla' to my peeps that they were too loud, or fighting too much, or being disrespectful of my peaceful Sunday. Instead I just told them to shut the door.

I did not make, and then take apart one bracelet over and over last night. A bracelet that took almost 2 hours to make because well, I am a perfectionist. I still dont like it, so instead of selling it I will wear it like a sad little reminder that I need to be spending more time being creative, and less time avoiding it. I am losing my touch. And I need to start selling for the holidays!

I did not bother to do my hair and makeup today. I think it is scaring my assistant. I always care about how I look (to the best of my ability - I mean really, you can't paint a masterpiece on a paperbag now can you?) - I never come in without primping first. I guess I do not care today. I am so tired of feeling crappy - painful - and snotty.

I did not spend most of the morning fixing the printer in my office.

And it still doesn't work.

I guess I should be focusing on that project right now! Have a great Monday!
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