Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Freedom, and how I feel about it...

By Mantha, 5th grade

Freedom, and how I feel about it
Freedom means a lot to me, so I am going to tell you some things I think and know. I know that we are free because people went to war and died to make our country free to all people at all ages. We here in America have a privilege to be free and do as we please. But I thikn we in America should use this privilege more responsibly. Another opinion I have is other countries should be as free as we are in America. But I am just happy we are free to do as we please, if we play by the rules.

In her own words. As submitted in a Freedom Writers contest at school for which she won first prize from the Ladies Auxilliary of the American Legion. Her "story" (as well as the other entrants) was read at the Veteran's dinner last Tuesday. The vets voted. She is so excited because she will have her picture in the newspaper. I am so happy for her. She was beyond giddy!

Good job kiddo!
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