Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mothers Day 2008

Mantha's 4th recital didn't go so well. She was preoccupied with pants that were too loose, and missing shoes - so she spent most of her time not focusing on her performance. She gets that way. Her mom is that way too... Preoccupation is the devil incarnate!

Mantha and her BFF before the recital.

Review pictures from my post last week, and you will see something similar to this one taken last year. Apparently old habits die hard. Cricket told me to turn around, and this is what I found!!

After the walk we took our traditional photo on the church steps. Gram doesnt walk with us anylonger, but she is brought over by one of the first to complete the walk. She lives two and a half blocks away - she still walks to church at almost 92!

My favorite picture from the walk. The amazing gigantic pink roses from my cousin Eric who is a florist (he was not able to join us but he sent these with his mother - Bruce's sister Shari). When I say gigantic I mean ginormis! The open buds are bigger than a saucer! My mother loved pink roses.

Three of my favorite people - and all moms of course - Pat who is my 2nd mom, Mary who is my moms sis and her bff, and Cricket, Mary's daughter, Zoe's mom, and my "lil sis".

I can't end a Mothers Day post without these two... Alex and Mitz. If you know me, you know why they are so important to me!

I know it was a week ago, but in my opinion, every day is Mothers Day!
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