Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The move is on...

Or shall I say - DONE!

I will never again pack another box - unless it is boxes sending my kids out into the real world.

I have now officially read files that dated back to 1946. Yes, you read that right. I found files from the year we were chartered. I am surprised after seeing those files that there weren't some from 1909 when we were organized (those would have been cool!).

Who would have thought that someone would see the importance of keeping stale ideas in file cabinets for over 30 years would be beneficial.

Oh I know who...

She might just be the same person that didn't pack a single box, and then threw a hissy fit today when she discovered that her office was still in the back of my Jeep and that I was not going to stand in the rain to unpack it.

I am not a mean person - ask my friends (Kim? Brenda?). They know the real me. I will do about anything for a friend - nay, even a stranger, but when you outwardly spite me, well, there is comeuppance...

When I say I deserve a few days off after this move and you sigh heavily, remember this - I packed your desk - nicely - after I asked you to do it and you snapped like a twig in a brisk winter wind. I packed the ENTIRE office. My husband moved most of the office. I moved the rest. When you told me the Board should have helped I had to be held back.... apparently you didn't think it was also your responsibility.

Thanks for that.


Now on for some good news! (yes, it is another Stellan update!)

Just as I was going to post, I got another Tweet from Jennifer, so things are not as sunny as they were, but I truly believe that there will be a few more downs as he gets better - which I believe is truly happening!

Check out her post: "Best Day Ever"

In case you missed it (or don't listen and click - hehehe), Jennifer and Stellan are being featured on a local news cast here in the frozen tundra! You can check it out online http://tinyurl.com/co5aug

Thank you again for all our prayers and healing thoughts. She can feel them, and they give her strength!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

UPDATED Prayer request for Stellan



Rather than start a new request I am going to update this one.

This is taken directly from Jennifer (MckMama's) blog this afternoon (Sunday):

"Stellan's heart is still in SVT, and his heart function is slipping away. He is not perfusing to his extremities well anymore at all. At times, his pulse cannot even be felt in his feet whatsoever. He is pale, extremely irritable, and his mother is trying hard to keep from being a sobbing, wretched mess in front of him. I had two dreams last night about being trapped in different buildings; it's no secret to say I feel trapped in our current, extremely uncertain circumstances."

My heart breaks every time I read her words. EVERY TIME. I cannot imagine sitting in her shoes. I do not want to imagine it. So I will continue to do what I can: prayer, support, and spreading the word so others can pray as well.

On a lighter note, the Stellan Name Gallery has started up again in full force! If you read my blog last summer, it all started here, and has continued to grow. If you are so inclined to share your support and want to send your own "Stellan" to Jennifer to help boost her spirits, please feel free to do so, and email it here. If you send her one, let me know! I would love to see them!

Jadon jumped on the bandwagon in August and came up with this idea (with Mom's help of course):

Then had his friends at Daycare do on too:

Last night while daddy was away, he asked if we could make a Stellan Mii:

So we did. He is a really good fisherbaby, and can race a mean cow in Scarecrow Tipping (we don't know what it is really called, it is one of the skills games).


I am really sorry that I don't get here for much else, but if I can use my blog to help my friend, then that is what I will do!

Stellan is in big trouble friends!

The following Tweets came via text (and on her blog) from Jennifer this morning:

Stellan is NPO until 10 am and then will get put a j tube in. It's like a central line. Goes into his heart from his neck. There is the risk of infection, but there is little chance they'll get a PICC line in because Stellan's heart is no longer pumping blood well to his extremities. His veins there are not full of blood, so PICC lines and iv's can't get in there. We'll find out after the procedure what line they got in: PICC, J or central. We have also begun the process of getting a second opinion from the university hospital about all this.

HE NEEDS YOUR PRAYERS!!! I know alot of you who read here have strong faith. Even if you don't believe in God, I am not asking you to change your beliefs, just please, think healing thoughts for Stellan, and guidance for his doctors. This is a 5 month old baby, he needs us!

Thank you again in advance for your prayers (and thoughts). This family means a lot to me personally, and I really hope that this little bit can help!

Click here for the most recent post today titled "the post that is not titled 'pissed'" - if you know Jennifer/MckMama at all, you know that saying "pissed" means she is ROYALLY PISSED, because "crap" is about as bad as it gets with her. I wouldn't be surprised it she totally breaks out a new tool box of profanity. In case she doesn't I have been sure to cover it for her! If you look at her blog you will see her Twitters are on the middle left side bar.


BTW, for purposes of making this real for everyone, I will not be using MckMama in my posts until Stellan is better! I think Jennifer would appreciate prayers for her by name as well!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thanks (ALOT) Thursday

I know its been a week or two since its last scrub down, but your sputum did not make it better, and was not appreciated.

Note to Mr. Turquoise Aspire: When you roll down your window, just before projectile, use a little of that physics you took in highschool (or not), and measure time, distance and propel. You will find that 1/4 of a block is not enough of any of the above to allow my car to clear your expectorant.

Thank you for leaving your remnants on my front fender, I will remember you always.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Stellan update

Prayers for Stellan

Things are not looking good. Stellan is still in SVT, almost exclusively since last night. There are so many heart drugs, steroids and other medications pumping through his little body that he is manic and jittery and inconsolable.

Please continue to pray for his healing if you pray. If you do not, please think healing thoughts and know that his mother MckMama can feel all the thoughts and prayers through her undying faith!

Thank you for keeping my friend and her sweet baby in your thoughts and prayers!

If you click on the button above you will be taken to the latest update.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Stellan is in need of prayers - NOW!

Photo from My Charming Kids Friday, March 20, 2009

Stellan, the Miracle Baby of my friend MckMama was not supposed to be born alive. He was miraculously healed of his heart failure is now in exactly that. One week short of 5 months old, Stellan started suffering from SVT (Supra Ventricular Tachycardia), also known as extremely fast heart rate, at times over 300 beats per minute. So far doctors are struggling to get the condition under control.

Please, if you are a prayer Stellan needs your immediate prayers!

The whipping winds of change

alternately titled Debbie Downer is visiting my blog...

As I listen to the roaring winds slamming pellets of heavy rain against our steel siding I think of the heavy changes happening in our lives.

S is leaving. She leaves on Thursday. D sent me a message today telling me how hurt S was that I had not called her yet. That she felt that we had deserted her. I can make excuse after excuse, but words cannot express the sadness I have for her leaving. I dont know how to feel. I dont know why to feel. I think if I allow myself to avoid the immenent, it wont happen.

I was reminded today it won't change.

So a promise I made to D that I will call S tomorrow. I will tell her that no matter the distance and circumstance I will still love her.

And miss her dearly.

Avoidance comes from my desire to talk to her when she was here, but she didnt want to then. I sort of feel like I tried and she pushed away. I know I have to take the step, but I am just as sad as she that she hasn't reached out and told me she wants me to remain in her life. I have told her that much. She has not. I know D does not mean to make me feel guilty, but she does.

As I listen to the roaring winds slamming pellets of heavy rain I cannot wonder how many others will be ripped from our grasp before this is over.

5 deaths in 7 years.

5 people in our family that meant so much to us.

Now this. Its like another death.

In 7 years I lost two parents; Jim two grandparents; together we lost a very good friend.

Now I am losing S.

Jim doesn't care. He will side, like his mother, with L. They don't do gray. Its all black. Or all white.

As I listen to the roaring winds slamming pellets of heavy rain I cannot help but wonder who is next...

Every night as I drive home I peer into the window of our neighbor. Once a spry man in his early 60's, now withering in a hospital bed in his livingroom. He welcomed me into the neighborhood 6-1/2 years ago, soon we will say good bye to him as well.

I know this is the circle of life. We are only here on this earth moments compared to the time we will have in eternity. But the sadness and loss when it all comes at once is hard to bear and makes me wonder why we are put to such tests...

My grandmother is 92. If history dictates, it won't be long before she joins her husband and daughter. She remains the eldest of the last 4 of 19. I know it is reality. Losing grandpa last month made her mortality more real to me.

Yet we must move on.

I know there is something wrong inside me. I can feel it. Something has been plotting. The fevers, the pain, the sensations that were not there before. Numbness and tingling. Endless fatigue. Less control. Less strength. I know what I need to do, yet I do not do it. I don't want to hear about progression, or relapse. I know what will be said. I want things to be normal again. But they are not. Soon I will go, do not urge me before I am ready. I need time to let it settle in. Time to decide what I am willing to do. Time to think the worst and hope for the best.

I know things will get better.

They have to.

Soon you won't have to listen to the complaining. I promise soon there will be happiness again.

Today however, I shall listen to the roaring winds slamming pellets of heavy rain against the steel siding of my house reminding me of the things that must change, and the things I cannot control.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Those darn little leprechauns!

Leprechauns, leprechauns everywhere!

I love the magic of a child's innocence. It doesn't get any better. Knowing that Jadon, being 6-1/2, will soon find this stuff stupid and silly, and the magic soon to be no more than folly, I took full advantage of his delight over leprechauns and their shenanigans!

J: MOM! Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING that we poured into a glass today turned green!

Me: Really? How did that happen?

J: Those darn little leprechauns got a hold of EVERYTHING! (now jumping and dancing and doing what we lovingly call "the J.J.")

Me: What did they have to do with drinks turning green?

J: Well they are so sneaky, they just used their magic that they have in their hats and they turned everything green!

Me: Wow.

J: Watch this!

Panic set in... He wanted to SHOW me, and I wasn't sure I had the "magic" in the house! (note to self, no need to by food coloring... ever again, 6 boxes should last the next 300 years)

He got the apple juice out of the fridge and went for a cup. I was trying to figure out how I was going to finagle the trick without him seeing it... Luckily my sneaky 11 year old figured out I was in need of help and called him into another room. I quickly grabbed the green coloring, and placed drops in a few glasses in the cupboard. When he returned to the room, I asked if I could do the honors. He obliged.

So I grab glass #1. Set it stragically on the counter so that he could not see to the bottom, and began to pour.

"The JJ" ensued in full force.

Just then Jim walked in. He told Jadon he wanted to see it happen. My husband is notorious for trying to bust my shit when I play magic mommy, hence why I prepped more than one glass. I usually win if you haven't already gathered.

This time Mantha said she wanted milk. Green again!

Sadly, apparently leprechauns are not partial to chocolate milk.

Those darn little leprechauns!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Oh yes she did...

You would think after yesterday people would be a little more aware of their surroundings, but apparently one child hit by a car whilst trying to get to school is not enough.

Yesterday morning a grandpa was bringing his 7 year old grand daughter to school on his bike. Problem #1: they were both on the bike. On a one person bike. Problem #2: Grandpa apparently thought his bike was bigger than the conversion van that was right where he wanted to be. Problem #3: It happened right outside my son's kindergarten classroom. Problem #4: my friend called screaming, "did you hear about the accident at ...... this morning? Ambulance's and police everywhere.

Hyperventilating ensued.

Thank God my son's teacher is very respondent to my fears and emailed me that everything was ok!

So this leads to this morning...

My daughter is getting out of the car, right in the cross walk in the school crossing zone. Along comes - nay, flies - a lady in her very large luxury car, through the school zone. Slamming on her brakes with no room for error, shaking her head at my daughter. All along, me fighting to get out of my seat belt and screaming at her.

Problem #1: I didn't get out fast enough to pummel the ignorant biotch. Problem #2: She had a baby in the back seat, therefore she should be aware of children. Problem #3: My daughter was too busy flipping her hair around to even notice.


Don't let me get all mommy on you lady... you will not recover! (and I know where you live and where you work, because I know WHO you are, so expect a nice note from me very soon!)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Its Monday. I don't do Monday well. You would know that if you knew me, because you would know that I don't ever sleep well, but especially not on Sunday nights.

My Mondays used to start out eating Cheeto's for breakfast, and sitting in my pj's in the car whilst watching my children saunter in to school because I got up and did Not Me's - a blog carnival my dear friend MckMama started a while back.

If you know me at all, you will also know that Monday started pooling into Tuesday, and Wednesday and Thursday and Friday. I never seem to make it out of my pj's before school these days. I don't eat Cheeto's for breakfast any longer. In fact, I tried to eat some yesterday but they didn't taste good. For that matter, chocolate hasn't been tasting good lately either (unless they were the truffles that Munchie Gifts sent me in order to prevent me from committing a random crime...). But that is a different conversation for a different day.

So whats up for confession this week?

I did not make late excuses twice last week when I found myself taking longer than usual to get ready for work. I am not a procrastinator. Not at all. Not.

I did not almost lose my mind at a meeting last week because I felt someone was being self serving on a committee that is meant to raise awareness for good things for youth. But I felt this person was participating only for their own benefit. Because there was little proof otherwise.

If you know me at all you know that I am passionate about pretty much everything I do (unless it is getting up in the morning, cleaning [lately] or putting up with peoples self servitude). Therefore when someone is taking advantage of others kindness, I lose it. Quickly. I am pretty forgiving, but when you do something intentional that will or has hurt someone, look out! I do not have the time for it. I DID NOT have the time for it last week.

(on an aside, I am German, Irish and Italian. Need I say more?)

And the small little snowflake became an avalanche by the time Thursday afternoon came about.

I did not go out and spend over $100 last weekend, and another $60 yesterday on beads, and metals, and supplies for jewelry I want to make when I have not sold anything since the beginning of January. I do not have an issue with supply and demand. Really I do not! Ok, I do. But I also have a creative mind, and it needs to be played with or it sits in a corner and pouts.

I did not every time I walked in the door we mostly go in and out of wish that the room that has been under construction for over a year would get finished so I do not have to keep tripping over shoes, and hats and mittens and jackets that fell off the hook. I know, if I bent over and picked them up I would not have to trip over them.

There in lies the problem. I can not bend over and get back up - its a fibro thing. At least that is what I tell myself!

I did not just open a box of Cheddar Asiago Sourdough Squares. I did not because its only 8:21 and they are clearly not of the breakfast food kind. I have self control and will not commence eating the entire box so I do not have to close it up later.

I DO need to quit drinking so much caffeine, more importantly, carbonated caffeine, and drink more lemonade and water before what always happens happens. I did not realize this weekend that it has almost been 9 months since my last kidney surgery. This is about the time I should start having issues again. Like pregnancy, I seem to have a delivery at the end of each 9 months. If I were physically able and my stalagmites were actually babies, we would now be looking towards delivering #5.

While I do not want to, I really should consider getting ready for work.

I hope you all have great Mondays!

Oh, one more quickie - I did not come to the edge of my life yesterday when I decided to give BOTH cats a bath. They are both still pissed. But my eyes are happy, and that is what matters. Well, they do not matter anymore, so that is what counts!

One more... Sorry... I am happy to announce that Katie's husband Slappy raised MORE than his goal, and will commence head shaving tomorrow for St. Baldricks Day!!! Just because he raised more than his goal does not mean Childrens Cancer Research can't use a little more - so if you are interested in helping out, visit Katie's blog and let her know! Congrats Slap!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Wear it like a rug...

Alternately labelled - "Called on the Carpet - again and again."

Yes, I mean again x 2. That is how many times today I was called on the carpet by board members - of two different boards.

Maybe they will start to realize they are burning me out?

Background: I am the Director/Chair of two boards that directly relate to my job. One is my everyday job, the other is the tourism portion of my everyday job.

I have had a staff person who was not much less part time than I am until last month. The board relating directly to my everyday job made two serious budget cut suggestions when we discovered a key part of our funding would not be guaranteed this year. One was to cut her to 1/3 the time I work. The other was to have me move our office to a new location that would save us money.

Both cuts have nearly killed me.

I went from her shadowing my hours for all but 7 (of which 5 were on Fridays when I don't work) to only working WITH me for 6 hours a week. That means that the other 26 are unsupported. That means no one answering the phone when I have a customer in my office; no one to write checks when people come in to cash the dollars we give out to the community; no one to run this and that to them and they. It also means no one to talk to 90% of my days. And it means there is no one there to help me go through 30 years of crap that she had a major part in collecting. 30 years of crap that I now have to rid our office of so we can move to our new smaller (yet oh so exciting, windows right on main street) new office in 20 days!

That brings up the other thing causing me a slow and painful death. THE MOVE. If you know me, read me, talk to me, or care at all (bwa!), you would know that not only am I painfully not fit to move, but I am also currently sporting a ruptured disc in my neck and lower back, and live with a muscle disease that causes tremendous pain when I strain ever so little. Team that with carrying boxes and boxes and boxes of old files from storage to my office, from my office to my home, from my home back to my office, well, you have a lot of worn out me.

I'm not complaining. I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm controlling like that. All pain, no gain makes Lori a stupid, yet satisfied girl.

Wow, that was only the background part. You still here hangin with me?


Rug burn #1: My everyday job:
Crazy days. That they have been. But that isn't what burned me. What burned me was that I forgot they were coming up in two weeks. I discovered today that I had a slight miscommunication with the person I thought was arranging them. He thought I was. I thought he was. We are now 13 days out, only 3 participants, and ads are due on Friday. I totally confessed to my error (even tho for the record, it was NOT my error).

Rug burn #2: My not so everyday job, but just as important as my everyday job, part of my everyday job:
"Our Story - (insert my towns name)". This is a production that I am working on participating in. It costs money, but because I know the producer, I got us a sweetheart deal. The budget however is already done for this year, and this is not in the budget. That being said, there is room for it because I MADE A MISTAKE . There were two regional publications that I told the Board I would get an ad in. Ironically, I have been busy. Stop in and birds eye my day people. I did forget, I confess to it. Seriously, we haven't ever been in these publications so what is the big deal? This production will carry soooooo much more clout, and reach 69 communities, not just 2. So lighten up, forgive, forget, whatever you believe in, and move on. Sign the contract and call it a good sign!


'Nother tangent:
WAY TO GO MELISSA! If you watch Bachelor, and Dancing with the Stars, you would have seen the recently jilted Melissa dance her pretty little toes off.

Oh, and as Vodka Mom would say:
BOTH my kids got artwork in the newspaper this week! ps.

And one more thing... when God created fat chicks like me, he also created designers that make wonderful sucker inner make us not look quite as fat as we are ok really we know we are fat but we feel better in them sucker inner things. What isn't fair is when fat chicks like me find the perfect sucker inner make us not look quite as fat as (oh you know...), the designer should not be allowed to stop making it. EVER! Because now, reality is, I need to find a new sucker inner, or I need to become the angry dieter.

I don't like either option. pps (yes, another ode to VM!)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Thrify Friday


That is how much it cost us to fill 18 bags of groceries today.

18 BAGS!

Not plasticcan'tgetmuchinthembags, but 10 reusable bags and 8 paper bags.

Just a buck ma'am
I don't remember these events in the city, but here in our small town, one of our grocers does a $1 day event once a quarter, usually on a day when there is no school she he has a ton of people to work. Not everything is a dollar of course, but a HUGE amount of name brand, and their store brand items are $1.

They have their own meat market/butcher department with chicken and pork for $2 a pound. We bought tons of chicken, and a beautimous 16# pork tenderloin (for $1.50 #) that was nicely made into 4 cuts for freezing and consuming later.

Why is your ass so big?
We loaded up on cheese and butter of course, because they are two things that this family goes through in copious amounts. There is no question why my ass is the size it is!

In this economy, its th-a-rilling to come home with more groceries than you have room for - paying less than you paid for 3 days worth of food the week before! Our receipt said we saved $78 today. If we would have remembered our coupons it could have been a lot more, but we weren't concerned - we will save those for a day when cheese is $5 a package, and butter costs more than our mortgage.

What not to do in the grocery aisle on $1 day!
We skipped breakfast to get there before the crowd. I dont know what we were thinking waiting to see Jason and Molly on Ellen. It caused us to arrive at the height of the blue hair stampede. I hope when I am older I won't hold coffee chatter gossip sessions in the middle of aisles on super busy days in a small town grocer with my other blue hair friends.

Can we do one more day of tuna?
On another aside - it is only week two of Lent and already we are tired of tuna. Too bad we decided to have tuna pasta salad tonite. I guess we should have skipped the tuna melts for lunch... Maybe we will do cheese omlettes...

Oh the delights...
After my nap I will worry about what comes next. I am loving this day already! We took Mantha to her dads last night, and Jim was home early, so its me and the boys (and cats and dog) just layin around for the rest of the day. They are playing Wii until 1 (so I can watch Bold and Beautiful) and then we are taking family nap time to a whole new level with an afternoon slumber party in moms bed with Disney Channel for those who don't feel like sleeping (eh hem, the short person that would rather play Wii all afternoon, eh hem...).


Oh, one more thing.... when did getting your period become sexy??? I just saw one of those "Mother Nature/Tampax" commercials, and while I realize it has been 4.5 years since I have tripped the light fantastic down the feminine hygiene aisles, I am pretty darn sure I never found having my evil personality Ruby show up as sexy, or fun. This latest commercial makes me wonder if I was missing out on something! Or not.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Testing, testing

Is this thing on? It appears all of my content is missing...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

And their off...

Bill from Munchie Gifts just sent me an email that they are arriving on the 5th!!!!! I am so stoked! I dont know which one they are actually sending me, so I just grabbed a shot of one of the edible truffle box offerings they have! (update: Bill said they are out of the edible boxes - but I don't care, because its a gift, I don't ask for much! And he gave me a great recommendation for Cheese Popcorn!)

I never win anything, so this is really exciting to me! Soon I will quit gushing!

Monday, March 2, 2009

So much better than a hairy ear!

Today my sweet friend Barbara took a break from her hectic life full of trials I hope I never have to face to share an award that melts my heart and makes me smile. I have felt so much love from my friends here lately, and this really made me feel so not alone!
Friend Award

Here is what the award was created for: "These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these kind writers. When you pass the award along please include these guidelines. I am to choose eight friends to share this with."

I commented to Barbara after a very wise commenter stated "...finding five or eight or ten or whatever to pass it on to is like Sophie's Choice. Unless you pass it along to EVERYBODY, how do you, in good conscience, pick a few out of those you regularly read?"

I kind of agreed. I read far more blogs than I have readers, and I comment on far fewer blogs than I read. But they all touch me the same. Because of that, I am going to give this award to two readers of mine. Two readers of theirs. Four random blogs whom I have read but may or may not have commented on.

It will be a fun and prudent challenge. I already have ideas who I will share it with. Maybe it will spread some wings of its own, and it still fits the guidelines of the original award.

First my readers:

Both of these ladies also received the "Hairy Ear Award" also known as "Van Gogh's Ear Award" (that I loved by the way! It just wasn't pretty to look at).

KimD from Kim Writes aka Lifeafter: Kim is a great friend. She recently realized that what she has to offer is more valuable then some allowed her to believe. I am so proud of her for the decision she has made to accept it and move on with positive and caring friendships!

Mary Ellen from Adopting M.E.: Mary Ellen joined the blogging world on the cusp of her birth certificate being unsealed in her state. She started out as a commenter on many of her friends blogs, but found even greater support when she started her own. While things have not gone as she had planned with her newly found identity, she has discovered something even more valuable - great friendships!

Now their readers (because they are both friends, this was easy because both of these people read both of their blogs!):

Hallie from Wonderful World of Wieners: Hallie is someone I have read off and on for over a year. I don't often comment because I feel like I am riding the shirt tails of others - so I read, I laugh, I enjoy, and then I talk about her behind her back to my friend Kim! Bwa to the Ha to the Ha Ha! Hallie is someone we all could aspire to be more like when it comes to friendship. She is witty, and quick, yet compassionate, and caring. (just don't read Morbid Monday's if you are weak of stomach!). And seriously, if you decide to start reading Hallie and become bff's with her - be warned, she does strange things whilst on the phone, and will blame them all on you when she gets busted!

Kimmy from Tales of a Blender Kimmy: Kimmy is another person I click on regularly. She is hilar-y-ous! Anyone who mails lava rocks back to Hawaii to get rid of bad luck (not to mention other tales of hilarity) and plans trips to Florida about the same time her kid is losing a tooth just to make an extra ten bucks has to be worth reading right? Not to mention she is Hallie's Bff (which will make it hard for you to become Hallie's bff, therefore you should not get blamed for doing things that she did whilst on the phone with you. just sayin. UNLESS you buy Hallie Prada - guaranteed she will dump any friend for a new Prada. Ok, not guaranteed, but I do believe it has been threatened) and they do some zany things together. So how does that earn Kimmy a friend award? Just read her, you will find out!

Now for the four randoms:

This first one is sort of random, sort of not. This blog is the half sibling of another blog I used to read, but since has closed its doors. Gracenotes 95 written by Suzanne (formerly Countrymom of citymomcountrymom) and Christina who I have never "met". They are both readers of one of my friends MckMama, and fellow "Not Me'ers".

This next one is really random - like I clicked through links of several links and found myself buried (just today) in her blog. Bonnie from where did this all come from has intrigued me enough to add her to my favorites. She is funny, and after mine own little heart - please don't call me either if you know me, cuz I plan on sitting firmly in front of the teevee and watching Jason either make a really good choice, an ok choice, or the biggest mistake of his life!

Another funnier than funny, savedhertomyfavoritesplanonvistitingoverandoveragain new blog I found today (apparently I had nothing better to do than find new people to stalk read). Heidi from Mommy doesn't live here anymore. Seriously - lost minds and electronics overload aside, Heidi made me wish I had more time to go all the way back into her archives and read on forever. So maybe after Jason proposes to Melissa (God I hope!) I will go back and read some more.

I changed my mind about 4 random blogs - just now. Because there is someone I really want to pass this on to. She is someone I have read, commented to and bonded with. The very first time she commented to me I first saw her name in my email. It was right before the anniversary of my mothers passing. Something about seeing her name made me stop, and skip a few heart beats. And I shared it with her. The very first time I conversed with her. And she didn't laugh at me. In fact I remember her telling me she was honored to bear the name of my mother, and was happy that it brought back good memories of her. So Elaine at Matters of the Heart, I pass this award on to you as well!

Not Me! Monday

Its MckMama's Monday Morning blog carnival time! Join in the fun, and be a part of a growing phenomenon of free therapy, public confession, and a whole lot of things you would never admit to your best friend (ok, well that may be extreme!).

Are you one of those people who accepts dares? If so, if you have not ever done Not Me! Monday, I DARE YOU to join in the fun!

I did not do Not Me's! for the past two weeks. Not because I did not not do anything the previous weeks, but more because I was stressed, overworked, undersleep'ed (like that?) and extremely unmotivated.

I have not been posting much lately, nor reading much lately, and certainly not commenting much lately, but know, I still love all my bloggy friends, I have just been... stressed, overworked, undersleep'ed (like that?) and extremely unmotivated.

I do not understand why the government will not listen to the people who gave all these num nuts jobs, and do the right thing for our economy. Do I know what it is? Nope. But I am not paid the big bucks to figure it out. I just know that what they are doing, or not doing is not working, nor are a lot of my friends because of lay offs, so please, quit ear marking funds, bailing out banks and big business who do not understand that our tax money is not to pay out big bonuses, and create some damn jobs already! If we can not afford the taxes, homes and responsibilities we already have, where are we going to get the money to pay down the deficit when you start using our tax dollars to pay for someone else's private jets, tropical vacations and multiMILLION dollar bonuses. Do they not realize that ONE bonus could probably bail out 100 families from the debt they are under???

Off my soap box... sorry.

I did not receive the most amazing sweet and delectable gift from Munchie Gifts just because I threatened offered suggested to MckMama that I drive 2 hours to her house, and steal one of the truffles (in an edible box no less) that her Prince Charming gave her for Valentines Day. Bless Bill at Munchie Gifts for wanting to preserve my good name by preventing me from breaking many laws just for chocolate! I am thinking about ordering me some Wisconsin Cheddar popcorn from their website today! You should check out what they have to offer - it makes me drooly and all kinds of hungry just thinking about it!

I did not find out about the wonderful tasty sup rise the same day we buried my favorite (and only) grandfather (in law). The gift holds a lot of meaning, especially on that day, because grandpa and I were the only ones in my husbands immediate family that loved truffles, so we would sit and eat them together!

I did not just get back from taking the kids to school whilst cursing my husband for not telling me I was out of gas in my Jeep. I called him to thank him for that most wonderful surprise this morning. I did not have my wallet, and was not in my pj's, wet hair, no socks in 6 degree weather. I did not have time to change and bundle up because I had the kids with me and they would have been late for school. I could not wait for Jadon to saunter into school, I had to drop and dash. I was literally on vapors. I never do that. It breaks my sappy mommy heart.

I am not having anxiety about our move from the building my office has been in for over 20 years into a new building. There is so much to do in very little time.

I am not jealous that the east coast is getting dumped on. I sort of hope we have one really big storm that causes us to miss work for a day or two just for the fun of it, in the spirit of winter yo!

I am not going to ring my husbands neck for not listening me AGAIN. We are campers (ok, hotel on wheelers) and the place we like to go to for Memorial Day fills up in a matter of a few hours. So on March 1st you need to call until you get through. His excuse for not calling? "Its Sunday, they aren't open on Sunday". My response "last time I checked camping was a weekend sport, so call them!". Did he? Nope. Do we have a place to camp on Memorial Day? Nope. Neither do the 6 other families that were planning to go with us!


I am so not ready for work, and I need to get that way soon - since I need to be there in a half hour.
Have a great day!