Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Pieces of me...

Artistic Designs... "pomad" for short

There are so many steps to creating a small business - especially when it is located in your family room! So making the pieces is the easy part. Photographing them took me a long time - only for lack of taking the time. Now I have the pictures, but I am locked out of my webpage... ok, locked out isnt quite the right term for it... I sort of forgot the address to it, as well as what provider I used, so guess what? Until my brain comes back for a brief visit, I now have all these pieces made, and finally photographed, with no where to post them.

So just for fun, I will share them with you. Some day I will get my website up and running!

Coin Pearls with Sterling "daisy" spacers made for Chrissy's wedding in Maui.

So watch for more, someday!

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