Friday, November 28, 2008

Haircuts, naps, popcorn and snoring cats

This morning I finally was able to get a much needed hair cut. This past year, I have been leery to make the appointment because I have become superstitious of the scissors... Here is why:
  • Last October I went to my old stylist for a trim. Within a week I was in Rochester in horrendous pain, and all sorts of tests looking for Lupus and MS (ended up being Fibromyalgia.)
  • Last November (beginning) I went to my regular stylist for a repair (I didn't like the cut I had gotten in October). The next day I was on the operating table with kidney stones.
  • Last November (end) I went back to get a color, and Jadon a hair cut before Bruce's funeral. Three days later he was in Children's Hospital for 9 days.
  • I did not get my hair cut again until March because I was starting to get superstitious. Thankfully nothing happened this trip.
  • In July I was in desperate need for a trim. It was hot and I had been already wearing my hair pulled back for several weeks. Onthe 13th I went in for a cut. On the 15th I was in the hospital for the start of 3 kidney surgeries for stones and excess scar tissue.

I am sure you can imagine, I have not been back since.

On Wednesday I was telling my friend Jennie (who is also Jadon's daycare) that I was so tired of wearing my hair back and was ready to go "under the scissors", but was feeling a little leary about doing so. She convinced me to make an appointment, this time with her sister, for this morning.

I am not kidding you, within 2 hours I was in so much pain I thought I was dying. Granted I couldn't hold the haircut at fault because I hadn't had it yet, but seriously...

I got it cut this morning - loopy from being on Torodol for 3 days again, and not sure what I wanted done, I told her "do whatever, I am easy - but make it something that looks good in a hospital bed just in case!". She did a really cute cut, that even toss dried looks styled. She took nearly 5 inches off! Hair that was sweeping just past my shoulders this morning is now not quite clearing my chin line, and barely a whisper at the nape of my neck. You know the cut - that one that you do not recognize in a mirror, and stopped short in your fingers when you lathered, brushed or ran your fingers through. Yeah, its that kind of short.

But I think I may like it.

Pray that I am safe from more hospital visits...

My 17 year old cousin Sarah (who is more like a sister) had come back with us last night to stay over and hang out (because I am "cool mom" you know - just dont tell my kids). When I got back from my cut, she was sprawled out on the sofa waiting to watch a flick and eat my famous whirly popped pop corn (they come from a far for the best tasting popcorn ever - come on over, I will whip you up a batch!). We decided 10:30 may be a little too early to eat popped goodness, so instead decided to watch 1/2 the movie first. It was a mighty fine nap. We aren't sure how the movie was however - and we missed 1/2 time.

My cousin Danielle was going to be picking Sar up around 1:30 and we still hadn't had our buttery snack, so we had it for lunch before she left. Man was it good. My whole house smells like a buttery popped movie theater - only the popcorn here is much better!

I am not sure what the rest of the day will bring, but I am feeling another nap coming on. Maybe its that orange and white cat deep in melodic snoring slumber over yonder in front of the roaring fire...

I love Black Friday!
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