Sunday, November 9, 2008

When life hands you cheese...

I think I have attributed the weather to my mood. If I think happy thoughts the sun will come out. Maybe...

So one moment of complaint and I will move on to other things: Like it wasn't bad enough that I am living in a hell of pain, but I got some sort of nasty cold to boot! It started last night, and just keeps on a comin!

Ok, enough of that...


Much like that old addage "when life hands you lemons..."

Jadon is a cheese man. He always has been. It was the only thing that nourished him from age 10 months to 3 years old. Cheese, yogurt and chicken nuggets. And most days, is still his chosen snack. Usually in the form of a block with bite marks, Jadon must have it in some form everyday or he goes - well - all 6 year old on us. My friends laugh when I tell them that we go through at least 6 bags of shredded cheese a week in our house. Some say they are lucky if they go through one. It astounds me.

So this morning for "snack", Jadon went up to the kitchen, got a bowl, and promptly filled it with shredded colby jack. He filled'er to the brim that boy. Jim told him he had better eat it all, and I tossed out, and please, don't spill any. In return we both got the usual "I know", and watched our less than graceful kindergardener do his penguin stagger (you would have to see it to understand) towards the coffee table, little sprouts of cheese falling to the carpet (to the cats glee).

Jim decided to take a break from his perch at the fireplace and parked it on the sofa. Jadon decided to join him with his bowl of golden delight. Jim told him "no", and the tears came a flowin.

Enter stage right (ok, sit stage right), mom looks over at my crinkled face sobbing son and said, Jadon, how about daddy takes that cheese and turns it into cheesy chips!


I got the nod, and dad got to swagger back upstairs to make his son his second favorite thing to eat.

At 8:15 on Sunday morning.

When life hands you cheese, make cheesy chips!
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