Friday, November 23, 2007


In all honesty, this is not my idea... I am hijacking it from my dear friend Dayna! She had her small children list (in the number of years of their ages) what they are thankful for. She in turn did one for herself. Here is mine... although not as caffeine induced as hers:

1. For my children who drive me crazy, and drive me to live all at the same time!
2. For my husband who loves me for who I am even tho that person is not easy to live with!
... now that I got them out of the way!... hehehehe
3. For the forgiveness of my mother long before her passing
4. And for the wonderful years of friendship that followed
5. For my step father Bruce who loved her more than his own life, and made the end of her life precious
6. For my belief in the afterlife so that I was able to receive Bruces death with the hope that they were together again.
7. For the love of my father, the one person whose every opinion means more to me than most even when the truth hurts
8. For the family I am lucky to have - we may not all agree all the time, but in good times or bad, I would never trade them for anything.
9. For the family I married into - they bring a new life and character to my life.
10. For my community - never before have I felt so much love and friendship in one great place.
11. For my "11 friends" who brighten my days - everyday and can make me laugh even on my bad ones!
12. For my friend Brenda who has been through alot this year, but is still there for me when I need her most.
13. For my friend Stacy who finds the most appropriate things to say when I need to hear them
14. For the fireplace that warms my heart and allows me to feel cozy when it is cold outside
15. For awesome writers who entertain me in the masses - either in books, or on screen
16. For the Club - and the founders who invited me to be a part of something so wonderful
17. For the people who came when we built it!
18. For my freedom
19. For my life
20. For great food - and for my culinary taste in all kinds of it (just dont tell my hips)
21. For my creative spirit that allows me to make beautiful things
22. For the lessons I have learned that have made me a better person
23. For my "little sister" Chrissy who has made me feel worthy to so much - including my mothers memory
24. For my aunt Mary who has held so much of my mother dear to her still
25. For a job I love - a job that gives me freedom to do what I love.
26. For my Doctor who takes great care of me
27. For my Urologist who took great care of me!
28. For Hils who I can tell anything to, and can guarantee she will laugh AT me when I need it!
29. For honesty
30. For love
31. For honor
32. For chocolate
33. For you!
34. For the past
35. For the present
36. For the future!

... and thats that ...

"Thank you!"
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