Monday, November 10, 2008

Not Me Monday Part VIII

Since I skipped them last week, I figured I had better get working on this weeks therapy.

As always, the queen mother of all things "Not Me" can be found at MyCharmingKids. Last week MckMama started late, and didn't really have a lot to confess, but I think she was more than allowed (and it made me feel better since I skipped it too) because MckMuffin aka Stellan made his long awaited appearance, and being a healthy completely outgrown his heart failure newborn, she has had her hands busy with 4 kids under the age of 3.

So here goes...

Last week I did not leave the sofa more than a few times a day, unless I was at the doctor's office that is.

I also did not deny my doctor when she offered me the likes of Percacet and Torodol. Instead I stuck to my motrin and when really desperate - Vicodin. I do not like Vicodin and the way it makes me feel, so I felt it was the lesser of all three evils. I have to admit that Percacet is my short term pain reliever of choice, but not good for long term - which over a week is long term to me.

I did not eat much last week, but I did have wicked cravings for M&M's and Cheetos. I did not get to satisfy that wicked craving however, as I was on the sofa.

I did not watch too much television over the past week (ok, I did), and I certainly did not watch the ENTIRE Starter Wife series on Friday (ok, I did).

I did not speak softly and carry a large sword on Thursday when I returned from another worthless appointment with my doctor when I discovered our cable was out. When I called the company I was very pleasant (really I was... this time). We have to have cable because we are the only county in the state of Minnesota that does not get local channels on Dish. Would have been nice if they would have told us that BEFORE we got Dish, but since they didn't, we get to pay $24 a month to have 5 channels. When they come in that is...

I did not speak loudly (ok I did) when I called on Friday and we still did not have cable.

I certainly did not lose my mind on the customer service rep on Saturday when, yes, still, we did not have cable. And I know for sure that my blood pressure did not hit epic levels when he told me that they have someone coming ON TUESDAY to look at the problem. Um, thanks for the heads up, and the rush on that Mr. Customer Service. I have been on this sofa for a week watching cheesy D movies - I need me my CBS and ABC.

I did not post very many happy thoughts last week. I am very sorry. I will work on that this week. Maybe...

I did not want to get out of bed at 5 am this morning when I heard the sputters of our lovely overpriced diesel not starting in the garage. I did however say a thank you to the alarm clock Gods who didn't make Jim get up at 2 am and have this same problem.

I did not then sit in the f-a-reezing cold truck in my pj's and a lightweight jacket thinking I was only running him to the yard where he keeps his semi. I did not sit there f-a-reezing because he was so grateful to have my help. I did however get blamed for the batteries being old since "I told you I needed new batteries" slipped from his mouth one of the umpteen times he swore that it wouldn't start.

I did stick it out with him. I am a good wife. And I let him blame me. His payback is coming. Just wait. Unfortunately, I did not get back to sleep once I crawled back into bed, and ended up watching the stupidest H movie (I would rate it a Z, but I don't want to offend Jude Law - cuz him is hawt!!!) until it was time to get kids up.

I did come to work today, and did plan on staying, but I am thinking that I do not need to sit in this rock hard chair all day and feel like I do.

Oh, and I did make a phone call to an Internal Medicine doc this morning to have her review my symptoms, the tests I had last week here in my small town, and hopefully get some results. I did also start to wonder if it isn't partially related to my gallbladder. Too many icky things to post about, but suffice it to say, when my friend the radiologist tech said my gallbladder looked large, it made me put the puzzle together. And I didn't need a medical degree for it. If I am right I am so going to change doctors! Ok, well I am already planning that... (this is the same clinic/hospital that caused Jadon's ordeal last fall [different doctor though - this one is supposed to be my friend...]... I'm done with them - close or not, its not worth it).

I s'pose I should end this monotony and get something done at work!
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