Saturday, November 8, 2008

A new day has dawned

Same pain.

My doctor, who I have decided makes diagnosis based on symptoms and symptoms only. She doesn't look deeper if what she thought it was isn't. She has decided since it is not my kidney it MUST be the muscles in my back.

I have asked since Monday that she look at my lumbar on my Xray and CT. She told me there was no need because she was sure, based on my symptoms, that it was my kidney. When she found out it wasn't my kidney, she decides to look at my lumbar, but only after defending her initial statement that I am "not displaying the right symptoms" for it to be my back. Yet she is telling me it is my back. Only not where I think it is. It is my muscle. Because she can feel it and knows right where it is (um yeah, no).

She says there is nothing wrong with my "dicks or dicks spaces" (she is from Nigeria, so her English is not great). The interesting thing is, there is a problem with my L5/L6 "dicks", as it ruptured in 1998 and has never been fixed (but this pain is not that pain). So the question I ask is: Did she really look at it? Does she know what "dicks and dicks spaces" are supposed to look like?

Her favorite statement: "you aren't feeling this, or that, so it cant be the other" - but she hasn't asked if I am feeling this or that, she is assuming based on what is not in my pain. So her recommendation? Allow her to admit me and pump me up with meds to make the pain "go away". Problem with that? Once I am released because insurance won't pay for pain control sans diagnosis, then what? No more pain relief, still pain and no diagnosis.

Monday if it is not better at all, I am going to get a referral to Rochester. I have a doctor there that helps me with my Fibromyalgia (which this pain is definitely NOT).

Ok, so I am now done complaining about pain...

On to the weather...

It is cold, and windy, and snowy. It looks and feels more like January than November. It still amazes me how quickly weather can change. It was nearly 70 and gorgeous on Tuesday. On Thursday the snow started. On Friday we had about 4 wet inches. Today, the wet has turned to ice. The top layer is blowing, and more flakes are falling, where in open area's is creating somewhat of a white out.

Living on the edge of the prairie is beautiful. But it is also bitter, and windy, and desolate. I would never change where I live (however the prairie that we live on the edge of is now being built up, so soon I will not be able to say the same).

Oh, and we are on day 3 with no cable. Cheesy D movies are getting old. I watched the ENTIRE "Starter Wife" series yesterday on Oxygen. Lord help me, I think I actually liked it. I believe I have even DVR'd future episodes.

Pain pain go away - and please give me back my Cable today!
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