Saturday, November 22, 2008

A big contest Smallfry style!

By now you know I am a follower of many (see my sidebar), and a leader of none (not even those in my blog header). Make me a leader for one day, and follow me to one of my favorite places to curl up on a cold day and read over at SmallFry's - ok, well, really, MckMama's.

While neither of us are McD's fans, she always delivers a tasty order complete with a BigMac, MckNugget, a SmallFry, and for those days when you want a breakfast sandwich anytime of day, a MckMuffin!

Today she is serving up a big contest with a prize package that you can read about over here. The most wonderful part of this contest is that even if you have never read her blog, even YOU can enter to win!

So pop on over, check out SmallFry's contest, and receive an adorably blown baby girl kiss!
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