Monday, November 3, 2008

Not me on Monday

Its Monday, and I usually do these. But today I am not. I just don't feel well, I'm waiting to go to the Dr. in 45 minutes.

My small town doctor called me when she saw my name on her schedule. She told me that she was sure I was right about this, because she pulled my last CT Scan and said there were TWO not ONE stones in July (the one they removed was 19mm, the one that was left she thinks was 8mm). I know there was a fragment left behind after my 2nd Lithotripsy, but when my big town Urologist saw me in September he did another X-Ray and never called me to say it was still there so I assumed it passed.

This is the 2nd time since November of last year that I was told by my small town doctor that there was still something left behind after my surgeries. It appears to me that my big town Urologist may be the problem.

So this morning I will go in, have my usual bloodwork, CT, Demoral and Torodol and probably Vistaril, because that has been my protocol for the last year. Then I will be read my CT and told that the same stone that didnt get removed (can you hear my husband screaming lawsuit? [he is so mad at the doctors we have dealt with in the past year - especially overly cautious since Jadons ordeal last November]), has gotten larger and then get sent off to the big town hospital to have another round of stents and Lithotripsy. For as much as I am hoping it is not my right kidney, at the same time I hope it is. My left is so full of scar tissue that he told me in August it will not sustain much more damage.

This time I am prepared and have a ride lined up already. And this time my husband knows better than to call my dad. He got in a ton of trouble from me because my dad is very doting, and has a tendancy to move in and put his life on hold when I get sick - and this weekend is deer hunting opener so I dont want him bothered.
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