Monday, December 1, 2008

Not Me! Monday

Good morning! Its Monday, and I really want to go back to the sofa and pretend it is still Sunday, or better yet, Saturday and veg out for a few more days. Because I love me some veggin'!

Its time for that Monday Carnival of things I did not do (or maybe I did) last week - as always hosted by MckMama at My Charming Kids!

I did not just go over to grab the button and see how far down the list I am slipping each week because I am not getting by butt in gear bright and early!

I did not holla out a big "yay me" when I finished my 30th daily installment of NaBloPoMo. I did not then tell everyone I was considering doing December too, and then tell my self - NO WAY!!!

I did not miss some of my travelling blog friends this weekend... I mean seriously, can you please get a wireless card from your cell provider or something so I can be entertained whilst sitting on my ars all weekend??? Com'on!

I did not go into a food coma this Thanksgiving. Really I didn't. I did however sit in mashed potato's at some point in the meal, and no one told me. Not a single soul. ALL DAY LONG. I was wearing black pants people, what did you think it was? I am not Monica and I do not know Bill, so there is nothing else it really could have been. And it wasn't a small amount either. Its quite possible by the size of the evidence that I most likely sat on the whole friggin bowl! I didn't notice it until I was taking them down to the laundry Saturday morning. Humph!

I did not make lunch one day last week that made me toss my cookies later that evening. I mean really, I am not a bad cook. Maybe it had something to do with tasting it before it was cooked all the way through...

I did not wait until the last minute to send out an email to all of my members on Wednesday when it should have been sent out on Monday because I lost my big red "to do" list.

I did not also put off once again, for another week, my quarterly newsletter because I got a wee bit lazy last week and instead read blogs, visited shopping websites, emailed and IM'd friends whilst bored at my desk. I wouldn't do that when I am getting paid to work. Shhhh don't tell my boss, I hear she is a real biotch.

Oh wait, thats me...

I did not take torodol and vicadin together on Wednesday night. And then again on Friday afternoon. I wouldn't do that because it isn't responsible.

I did not take lots of naps this weekend. I did not sleep in past 8 at all (not even today - bwahahaha), and I did not stay in pj's all weekend (except when I went shopping).

I did not just write the most boring post ever!!!
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