Tuesday, December 9, 2008

When the chips are down...

Trip her with a rug.

Alternately titled: The biggest clutz in the world

I have literally spent a good 10 minutes crying my eyes out in frustration - wondering when the chips will be back up. Because I keep believing that this will get better.

Bam - splat - Oh God (I think actually came out of my mouth) - the rug in the Post Office was just askew enough to catch my dragging foot (one of the side effects of this pain is that my right foot hasn't always been cooperating with my leg, and doesn't lift as far off the ground as it should). So down on the brick paver floor I went. Right knee slammed straight on. There was no graceful save, there was no quiet pick up, it was down.for.the.count. Tears rolling, me sitting there, in the entry, the Postmaster gathering my mail and keys - me climbing the wall to get up.

I feel like I am losing my friggin mind. I want to go home and crawl back in bed with some major painkillers with a side of Jack Daniels (which I don't like, but maybe it will kill the pain). Fact is, I was already in some major pain this morning, so maybe this new pain will distract me from the other. Who knows.

But with my assistant gone this week, I must push on. Dry mine eyes and suck it up.

Or wallow some more, close the doors and not care.

Ok, well maybe not.
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