Monday, December 15, 2008

Not Me! Monday

Baby its cold outside. And its Monday. And that means there must be some things I didn't (or did) do last week that I need to get off of my chest. Because this is so much cheaper than my therapist (my pretend one - because there is nothing wrong with me, so why would I need a therapist - really, how dare you think otherwise).

I did not go in to work late ev-er-y day last week. Arriving at 9:30 rather than 9. I am responsible, and would never do that.

I did not consider almost every day last week, leaving early. Only to find myself shutting the lights and the door much later than I needed to, therefore making up for the late hour for which I did not arrive each morning.

I did not take a long lunch on Tuesday because I was wallowing in my own self pity after falling in the post office earlier that day. I did not come home to two kids for whom school was called and a husband who was on partial layoff, all sitting around in their pj's asking me what was for lunch. I did not bite my tongue, pull out a bix of cereal and tell them to have at it. I did not then make myself something much tastier once they started slurping down their toasted o's.

I did not even once wish that someone would get sick so we could stay home this weekend rather then travel in bad weather. I did not wish that, and then feel bad about it, admit it to my husband, only to have him say the same thing to me.

I did not stall as long as possible on Saturday morning waiting to hear someone cough, rush to the bathroom, or exclaim they had an upset stomach, only to give in and get ready to go, causing us to leave 45 minutes later than we had planned.

I did not say "oh God", or potentially drop the "F bomb" 3,927 times this weekend when I had a spasm in my left side/side of my chest this weekend. I did not hear my sister in law nearly insist we go to the hospital she worked at for an xray, after the doctor she called told her it sounded like I have a bruised/cracked rib from my fall in the post office.

I did not go to the hospital however. Instead I took more Vicadin.

I did not let my brother in law slip me a few shots of Godiva Dark Chocolate Liqueur and Tequila Rose Cocoa.

I did not then request both items from Santa. W-a-ow - are they smooth. And chocolaty. Mmmmmm.

I did not play front seat driver most of the way home today. I did not completely come unravelled when Jim passed two slow moving cars on a really slippery road where we really could only go 40 and be safe. In his defense - they were barely going 25. In my defense, there was a hill and a curve, and a car coming at us. At a crawl, but it was coming at us.

I did not wish this afternoon that I would have gone to the hospital that my sister in law works at. I have not decided if I will go in tomorrow, or wait it out another day or two.

I did not feel a pang of nausea roll across me when I got an email today from a business member telling me one of our main street staples was closing their doors. Instead I felt a lead ball in my stomach. I have since gotten more information and understand more the need to close. I also hold out hope that because it was not for financial reasons, someone else could come in and purchase the business if they wanted to with no strings attached. The owners needed a break, and they have worked out a deal with another local business. Its sad, but its not as devastating as it could have been.

Anyone want to move to my small town and open a fabulous gift shop?

School is going to be at minimum 2 hours late today, but that doesn't get me a get out of jail free card, so I must get motivating.

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