Sunday, December 14, 2008

Let it snow, let it blow, 40 below!

The title says it all. (don't you love blog posts on local weather forecasts?)

This morning we left from St. Cloud in a rush. In a vertiable blizzard. We didn't want to get stuck up there (in laws ya'know). So we left with a radar prediction that we would drive out of the bad weather within 40 miles.

First 30 miles: driving 30-40 mph. Blinding snow. 30 degrees
Second 30 miles: driving 45-55 mph. Pouring rain. 34 degrees
Third 30 miles: driving 40-50 mph. Sleet, rain mix. 32 degrees

The first 5 miles of the last 30 - the temp dropped LITERALLY 17 degrees.

The last 30 miles: driving 30-35 mph. Sleet, blowing snow, wind gusts over 40 mph. Ice on the highways. White out conditions.

Since we have been home, it has snowed. Blown. Howled and whistled. Right now it is blowing at about 40 mph steady with gusts over 50-60.

Tomorrow morning, the windchill is predicted out here on the prairie to be minus 40 -50. That is below zero for your warmer climate people. Tomorrow night our temperature (minus windchill) is predicted to be 11 below zero.

Let it snow, let it blow, 40 below!
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