Monday, December 22, 2008

Not Me! Monday

Its Sunday night and it has been a loooonnnnggg few days. So I am going to start my list of things that were not done by lil'ol me last week now in hopes that I have them done by tomorrow morning! If it weren't for MckMama's free therapy sessions, I think I would be bankrupt from the psychologist payments!

This entire week I did not even once go into work a 1/2 hour late because I was being lazy. Of course my assistant was back this week so it would not have looked good if I had done that!

I did not eat lunch half of the week because I was using that time to get POMAD up and running.

I did not calculate and recalculate the cost of the kids big Christmas present that my aunt got us an amazing discount on and was sure we had the money to cover it.

I did not miscalculate by a rather large amount of money, and had to just now call my aunt and ask her to bless us one more time with her help of not cashing our check for a few more days.

I did not just tell the entire internets (or all 5 of my readers) that last statement because it would be far too embarrassing.

I did not about lose my mind, toss my cookies, have a stroke laced with a heart attack and then a mental breakdown when I saw that Jim's paycheck was almost $200 less than we calculated it to be. It could mean one of two things: either he didn't turn in paperwork, or they lost it. Either way, there is a very large chance we will never see that money.

I DID sell two pieces this weekend to friends husbands - which was cool because the guys were SO happy they didn't have to shop for stocking stuffers and these two ladies sent me emails telling me which pieces they were thinking about buying for themselves. Now I have to stave them off this week to be sure I don't blow the surprise! I also saved a boat load of money on teacher and daycare presents by giving them jewelry (two teachers, two TA's, a para and daycare). I am still working on a piece for the lady who cuts my hair.

I did not scan the 60+ pictures my mother in law asked me to scan this weekend and down load them on her new digital photo frame that my brother in law roped us all into giving her (after he bought it no less - without asking if we wanted in), and I have to have it done by Wednesday because she leaves for the winter on Friday (YAY US!) (wait, I did not say that...).

I did not cry when my dad couldn't come down this weekend because we have been in an eternal hell of had a lot of snow, cold, and blizzardy weather this entire last 5 days (ok I really did). I did not cry (again, I really did) because it would have been the last time I would get to see my dad until early April, as he too leaves on Friday for the winter.

I am not a daddy's girl, and talk to him at least once a week. I will not be sad that it will be over four months before I talk to him again. Oh - who am I fooling, yes I am and yes I will!

I did not take pain medication yesterday afternoon when I got home from our AMAZING Breakfast with Santa event at our club because I had moved some furniture and was on my feet all morning (definitely not on my ok to do list with a broken rib and ruptured disc). I did not then go back to the club (in a blizzard) to watch the AMAZING band that drove from Madison, WI (in a blizzard) and have a few too many adult beverages and get really looped up.

I did not wake up hung over this morning at 10 AM, and then fall asleep in Jim's recliner at 1 and sleep until 4:20.

I am so not the rock star I hoped I still was, but really, did you need to clobber me that hard over the head to prove your point?

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