Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Im so excited!


Susan (my friend/photographer) has downloaded my pictures on her website, and I have now gotten my blog site updated with all of the newest pieces!
I have quite a few more pieces in my mind, I just need to get them made. Susan and I have worked out a deal that she will photograph as I make so there is little to no down time.

Fingers crossed both of us get some business out of this venture (and her a good grade on her final!).


I finally went to the doctor on Monday afternoon. After an exam and a series of X-Ray's it has been confirmed that I have one rib that is fractured, and one that is broken - however, not the bone itself, but rather broken from the cage itself. It cannot be reset, it has to find its own way home. Based on what he told me, and what I have read, it could take from 3-12 weeks to heal.

In the meantime I need to be careful what I lift, how I lean, not to lay on that side, and not to be too strenuous with my breathing. And since I am suddenly relapsing with my cold - I fear I will find myself in a band by the end of the week. It may not be a bad thing. Just a little constricting. But maybe I will be able to sleep better.

The spasms have already gotten better. Maybe I am used to them, maybe I am already healing. Lets hope it is the latter.

I do feel pretty good all things considered.

We got 5" of really fluffy snow today - fluffy because it is colder than hell when it freezes over. The snow when illuminated glistens and sparkles. It is an amazing sight. It sounds like we will have several more days of spotty snow showers - which I love - because unlike many of my fellow state dwellers, I love the snow, and winter - just not these really really cold temps.

Oh, and get this - the Postmaster who helped me up last week when I fell... well he did not file a formal report, and when he heard I was going to the doctor ripped me a new one. Went all postal on me (pun intended) about how all these little old ladies who can't see anything, and shouldn't (I believe his words were "have no right") being out and about keep complaining about falling on his sidewalk. Well, Mr... I ain't no old lady, I do have a right (as do they), I fell in your lobby, not on your sidewalk, and YOU WERE THERE and helped me out, so please, do not act all mighty and unknowing. I am not suing you, so back off!

Off my soap box!

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