Monday, December 8, 2008

Not Me! Monday

If you are reading this on December 15th you will find that my linky didn't work, and you got sent here instead! Click on my header and you will find my December 15th "Not Me's"!

I don't much like Mondays, only because it means getting out of my Pj's and going back to work.

But I do love my free therapy sessions that happen only on Mondays! Its that time people for another list of things I didn't (or maybe did) do last week!

Let's start off by saying I did not totally write a cold hard fact confession yesterday on my blog.

I did not stay up way too late a few nights last week to get work done that I should have completed while at my desk during the day. I am not a procrastinator, so there would be no need for it.

I did not more than one time on Friday wish that my assistant was not in Hawaii for 10 days so I could have stayed home on my normally non work day.

I did not wallow in my self "have to work on Friday" pity in a bag of Cheetos for breakfast. Ok, well not a whole bag...

I did not get really really upset at Mantha's concert last Thursday when the parent's were in the audience chatting it up during the entire performance. I did not especially want to stand up and yell "shut it" when the solo performers were on stage. I did not because I was sitting next to my Mother in law.

I did not spend all afternoon Saturday trying to come up with the right concoction of meds to make my pain go away only to give up and take only Vicadin yesterday.

I did not tell Jim when he called me on Saturday at o'past dinnertime to tell me there was not one of my favorite chickens in the roaster at my friends husbands grocery store that he should go to their house and knock on the door and tell them to whip me one up. I wouldn't do that because I know my friends husband is out of town, and she was at the club partying it up with the girls for her sisters 50th birthday. Instead I made him come home, drive me 10 miles away to take me out to dinner at another friends restaurant to a neighboring really really small town where the lady who cut my hair so nicely a few weeks ago whipped me up the most amazing petite filet.

Small town living people, small town living. Your fireman is also your mechanic who sidelines as your doctor every other Thursday and third Monday.

I so did not just write a paragraph full of run on sentences and bad grammar.

Its 8:34 and I am sitting here in wet hair, so I had better make my way towards the hair dryer.

I did not totally think about calling in sick (to myself) this morning because it is snowing and I am in more pain than I care to admit. But then I remembered my assistant is in Hawaii for 10 days. Dang her anyway! ;)
I did not just run out of hairspray on a blustery day. UGH!
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