Sunday, December 2, 2007

A wonderful surprise!

Its not the kind of surprise we have been waiting to hear, but it is definitely taking the edge off of our stay here!

There are two "Adopt-a-Room" suites in on the 5th Floor. The rooms are assigned "lottery" style which means that as the current resident is discharged, the names of the other kids in the unit are put in a pot and a name is drawn.

Jim, Jadon and I were here in the resource center last night after dinner. Jim went to "check the weather", as he walked into our room to drop his jacket off there was a note on our white board to ask the night nurse about our big surprise! She happened to see him walk in on her way out of the unit at the end of her shift, so she told him. They came in here and he said, "You have got to see this". I am thinking, they got new labs back and we are in the clear (only I forgot there had been no more labs drawn...). So Sarah took me to the surprise, and I BAWLED!

The room is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!!! I took a ton of pictures, and as soon as one of us figures out how to get Day the ability to post them for me they will be here!

Some of the features:
  • Privacy!!!
  • State of the art equipment (even better then the regular rooms!) - including an awesome bed that has lots of buttons to keep Jadon busy!
  • A dining area complete with fridge and freezer
  • Computers (of course they arent working, but that has been my luck this week!)
  • A computer for Jadon too!
  • A HUGE bathroom with a shower that "rains" from the ceiling
  • Villeroy and Boch sinks (designers/decorators you will understand this is cool!)
  • A 60" plasma tv
  • Two 30" plasmas
  • AND two 20" plasma control panel/tv's (one is also a computer) for me to control the following: lights (and I am talking LCD color changing, mood altering, cool effects and color lights!), all the tv's, playstation 2 and Xbox, the blinds on the windows, the sound in the room, the heat in the room, the movies, music, etc... the list goes on and on
  • A roll out for me (thank God no more stiff blue thing that isnt a chair or a bed - YOUCH!)
  • Lounge chairs (not folding or hospital chairs)
  • A "privacy screen" so even if the door is open, no one can see the beds!

I know there is more - oh, a TON of storage!!! - but even the pictures cant do it justice!

If you must be stuck in a place like this, it is great to be lucky at the lottery!!!

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