Friday, December 28, 2007

"Do you know how old I will be next year?"

That was the question of the evening. Jadon asked Jim "do you know how old I will be next year?" He then answered his own question with "I am going to be six!". Then followed it with, "I will be six just like Nolan, only then he will be seven".

And then it got real interesting... not! Jadon then turned his attention to me, and started the count down, or up in this case... From 6 and 7 all the way to 30. LITERALLY: "...and when I am seven, Nolan will be eight! And when I am eight, Nolan will be nine!"

I have never been so happy that he is only counting to "30" right now. He actually can count to "100", but as he tells me all the time, "mom, I am only in preschool, I don't have to count to 100 until I am in Kindergarten, and that isn't until September".

The kid's right... OY!

I have noticed that he has gotten really detailed and really technical about everything. There isn't anything really that we can get by him anymore including spelling. We are trying to spell backwards, but if I lose my husband while spelling forward, imagine the confusion when I spell backward.


Oh the things they come up with.

Switching gears...
Note to self... Don't assume anything. Puppy won't let his true personality show for a FEW days. We are on day 3, and the real "Dash" is emerging! I think the name was perfect. The first two days, he stayed right with us when we were outside, but tonite, that little turkey took off across the front yard - dashing through the snow - 8" of it - and there was no stopping him. He heard birds and wanted to see where they were. Yes Shan, "short legs" can actually run!!!
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