Friday, December 28, 2007

Blazin Brody's Daschel

Is his official name. He was just registered with AKC so there is no changing it now! We of course call him "Daschel" or "Dash", but we added his sires name for the official papers.

Dash is so friggin cute! He has the most amazing personality - he is polite, and silly, and snuggly, and playful, but not too much of any of them. He is the perfect blend. When we kennel him he will whimper for no more than 3-4 minutes and then settles in to the knowledge that it is his place for the moment.

He sleeps through the night, sometimes waking when Jim does, with a little "woof whisper" to let Jim know he is aware of his presence, and then back to sleep. We debated having me run home a few times a day for the first month or two, but after two days, he has gone from 9am - 3pm with no issues. Mantha is home around that time from school, so I am thinking we have a good schedule already.

Last night we went for a mile walk, and he made sure we all stayed together. He walked nicely on his leash - never on one prior to Wednesday - ever so often running behind us to make sure the "herd" stayed together.

Dash loves the snow - but only that in the front yard. I think the deck in the back is too intimidating for him, so whilst Jim really wanted him to be a "back yard" dog, for now he has the full view of the neighborhood from the front.
The cats, they are another story. I think the trauma of Buddy leaving for Brenda's, and a new pup within a few days, the little darlings are complete wrecks. Ruvy took to the underside of our bed Wednesday only coming out when I was in the room. She wouldn't leave that level at all. From what I can tell her only food was the tissues in the box next to my bed - she apparently found them acceptable for the time being.

Toby stayed in the basement. So they didnt have each other to commiserate with. Last night as I carried Ruvy to the basement, (along with their food and water to be sure they were eating properly), she promptly with her hind claws tore 4 rather large holes in the shirt I was wearing. Suffice it to say I do not think she is happy with me! This morning I carried Toby up to bed with me while Jim had Dash outside. Now I think he will be under the bed the rest of the day!

It will get better. They will come around. They have to. The rafters can only be solice for so long! :)

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