Thursday, December 6, 2007

Our Room

Its time for happy "joyful" stuff again, so here is a little to get us started...

This is the "view" in the Childrens Hospital. Even the hallways are meant to be comforting!

This is the room that we won in the "lottery"! There are only two of these rooms, and let me tell you, for as much as I am sure there were others that deserved it more then us, I am so happy we were able to stay here!

Thank you to all the donors that make these rooms possible! The really cool thing about Childrens at the U of M is that they are building a brand new hospital separate from the main hospital to make it more convenient for families and children to stay. All of the rooms at the new hospital will be similar to this. They wont be as high tech, but they will have similar qualities to this room with conveniences such as in room fridges, microwaves, computers, and family bathrooms.

Childrens at the U of M is truly a special place to be when you need to be there!
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