Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Happy trails to us...

...I hope we don't meet again!

Jadons count is get this... 184,000!!! We all had our jaws drop to the floor - HE IS BACK TO NORMAL!!! At this rate we sort of expect him to be near 300,000 by tomorrow since he has doubled and tripled the last two days - it may be wishful thinking, but at this point, any number higher then today is perfect because, well, his counts are back in normal range!

Whether or not they ever see this, we have to thank all of our wonderful Doctors and Nurses, Aides and Child Family Life Specialists for making Jadon's healing as comfortable as possible!

Hemonc Doctors (Hematology/Oncology)
Dr Michael Burke
Dr Susan Kearny
Dr Marcie Elwein

Pediatric Doctors
Dr Charlie DeRubeis
Dr Tate Gisslen
Dr Rhys Strasia

Oral Surgeons
Dr Blaine Milne
Dr Farnsworth

Plastic Surgeon
Dr Marquez

All of our Nurses
Sara "our little brown haired Sara"
Sari and Shannon from 5A

All of our Aides

Child Family Life Specialists
Emily - you made our procedures so easy
Sarah from 5A

And our Emergency Staff
Dr Betrus

Thank you all so much for helping us heal as fast and as painless as possible! You are all amazing, and although we really enjoyed meeting you all, we hope to never see you again! :) (Except Dr Burke who will follow us for the next 6-12 months in Mankato that is!)

And once again, thank you for all the wonderful donors that made the Adopt-A-Room possible for us!!! (Dayna found this for me yesterday, but since she is now sick, I will post it!) If you look at photo #1, our room is the one on the left. We did not have the nice pull out sofa, but we had a roll-a-way that worked just as nicely!!!

And most of all, thank all of you for supporting, praying and thinking healing thoughts for Jadon! Dayna was right, you all prayed hard - and it worked!!!

Thank you thank you thank you!!!
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