Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Day 7 - this is getting old!

So my friend Dayna and I have been posting updates on Jadon the past few days - today, there is nothing really to report. The only thing that will be of interest is his labs which wont be drawn until two.

So... back to the basics... Life is not ours yet... we are still here, and Mantha is still with friends, and our life is not ours to live. We are on someone elses schedule all the time, our meals for the most part are dictated by the "chefs that be" (which I will say, they are quite talented - food is good here!), and our sleep is never uninterrupted. To sum it up, we are getting sick of this place! It has been a long haul, and we are not by any means ready to be released. We are at least 3 (counting today of course) days out, more if we cant get a good suture removal tomorrow.

We have played the playrooms to death. We know all the docs and nurses by first name, and serial number. We have their schedules memorized, and their habits etched in our brains. And they ours. And we are so tired. Jadon has been really good at "passing out" and staying there unless we have an accident at night (which who can blame the poor kid - he is getting two bags of fluids a day plus juice and milk by mouth). Even our fun room is getting boring. Although we have 5 tv's total (a HUGE plasma, and two small ones, as well as two others that control the room and are tv's), there is only so much you can watch is one week and not get tired of all of it!!!

But, there has been some good stuff too! Did I ever mention that he is eating finally? We got the ok after the BMB yesterday! He woke up from anestesia with McDonalds in his bed - barely awake he started horking fries like he hadnt eaten in months!

Here is our "plan" for the week:
Today, round two of steroids, labs
Wednesday, round 3 of steroids, labs, and hopefully remove sutures
Thursday, if we get sutures out on Wed, we can go home
Friday, if we didnt get sutures out on Wed, Fri is our next suture option
Saturday, worse case scenario "go home day"

So that is that! Dayna found our room online, so I think she is going to post that in a little while. Again, thanks for all the thoughts and prayers!!!

Oh, and Mantha, although sad that we are all apart, is having A B.L.A.S.T. with Melissa, Josh, Bailey (her bff) and Shelby! We miss her to death, but know that she is with a great family while we are gone!
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