Saturday, December 22, 2007


Jadon's platelets were 273,000 this week! Bravo little man! He got "poked" in his middle finger so he now proudly waves it at everyone who asks how he is feeling!

His hemoglobin is 11.1 which is still low, but no one seems to know why. We have all lost our perspective of time this past month. His doctor here said it made sense since he had such a hard week last week, only she forgot that we have been home over 2 weeks now, and the difficult week was 3 weeks ago.

We still have to have his platelets checked every week until January 16th when we see the Hematologist. He will then determine if we can go every two weeks, or if we have to stick with the weekly regimin. Our goal is to have his numbers stay the same for 3 months. If they start to drop then the concern is that the steroids made them come up, but that they are done doing their job, or wearing off, and a new plan needs to come into play.

We didnt do blood work last week because my son's magic blue eyes did their job on Dr. A, and she let him off the hook! Fingers crossed Santa is giving us the best Christmas present by keeping our little boy healthy!

Thank you Santa! Merry Christmas to all!
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