Monday, December 3, 2007

Results & Good News!

You all must have been doing some serious praying out there!!

Jadon's platelet count has jumped from 5,000 to 12,000 at 1:30 when he was in getting the bone marrow biopsy done, and jumped again an hour later to 17,000 when his labs were checked following the biopsy. This is AMAZING news. This means, it is likely not a production issue. Not only that - but it means it appears that this is ITP - and NOT something else way scarier.

For right now - the docs want his platelets at 50,000 before they are willing to take his stiches in his mouth out - and he is scheduled to have them out Wednesday afternoon - he must stay for 24 hours following removal which puts them home Thursday. If his platelets are not at 50,000 the next available time to remove the stiches will be Friday, so they would need to be watched until Saturday and then they can head home.

The doctors told Lori that ITP usually resolves within 6 - 8 months, and usually is not worse after the initial problem.

Let's keep praying that this is a one time issue and for Jim & Lori who have been very worried about their little boy (something I SO get).
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