Saturday, December 1, 2007

Update on J.

Hello everyone. My name is Dayna and I am a friend of Lori's. I offered to update her blog so everyone wuld know what was going on with J. her 5 year old son. Please feel free to come back here for continued updates, as Lori will be calling me so I can update her, so she will not need to call everyone to let them know his status.

As most of you know by now, Lori & family were to head up to the Cities on Wednesday morning for her Step-father, Bruce's funeral. Tuesday morning, J woke up with some blood in his mouth - I am going to paste an email from Lori about the sequence of events:

"Tuesday morning Jadon woke up with a large sore in his mouth that looked to be a blood blister I took him in to STJMC to have it looked at. The doctor was not sure what it was, so he decided to err on the safe side and remove it and send it to pathology."

"He was having trouble with the bleeding, so he added a few extra stitches. Sent J. home with no after care, but said the swelling would be down in a few hours. We left for the cities (understanding that he would be ok) My aunt rode in the back seat with him, and was wiping saliva filled blood the whole trip.

The swelling got worse, but we thought it to the novicane wearing off .

By the end of the visitation (for Bruce) he was border line lethargic but also very sleepy, his lip was 100 times its normal size (imagine a golf ball in his lip), and he was still bleeding. We took him to the hotel and cleaned it up thinking it looked better we sent him to bed with Motrin

At midnight he was covered in blood. We took him to the ER at Fairview Ridges
His platelets were "under 10,000" (normal is 150,000 - 400,000). (Side note from Dayna: platelets are a component of your blood - their job is to help blood clot, anything 10,000 or under is considered emergent)

Jadon and I were sent via Ambulance to U of M Childrens Unit on the East Bank of the Campus His platelets when we got here were 2,000
Since then he has had a platelet transfusion, IVIG, and a TON of morphine, Amicar (a platelet glue - basically makes the few he has more sticky), and antibiotics
His platelets after the transfusion were up to 6,000.


His platelets have stayed at 6,000 which is not good, but also not bad, because his body is not rejecting the new, and not eating up what was given him. He "should have" gained at least 10 times what he did with the transfusion. They believe that he has ITP (Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia). But they are not certain. They cant do surgery on the hematoma until his platelets go up, they arent sure they should do it even if they do go up They are not committing to anything - they are taking everything moment to moment.

The Amicar is helping the wound in his mouth clot, but he has developed a hematoma in his cheek, so he has a lot of swelling, and alot of blood built up inside the mouth.

We will be here at least through the weekend, but we are not sure what steps are still to come.

The good thing is, he finally let us get him out of bed this afternoon and have played in some of the play areas. He even played Thomas on line!

(this is Dayna again)

Friday: J's platelet count is down to 5000 - which in the medical world is considered no change. However, they were hoping it would go up. At this point they are trying to figure out a next step, this appears to be a Bone Marrow Biopsy to check to see the J is Producing platelets. Both Lori and Jim say J looks better then he has.
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