Thursday, December 6, 2007

Pictures of Jadon's ordeal...

Our ordeal is over, but I thought I would retrace our steps for all of you.

This is the "sore" that started the down hill roll of the past 9 days... Jadon woke up with this "sore" in his mouth on Tuesday - I had to clean blood up before I could get a good enough view of what was in there.

I thought this looked bad! This was immediately following the procedure to remove the sore that we now know was a Muciloid Cyst.

As you can see, by now, Jadon was bleeding pretty heavily. This was taken at 2am on Wednesday, nearly 18 hours after the cyst was removed.

Six hours later... This was taken at Childrens at about 8am on Wednesday. He now has a very large hematoma in his cheek. It is bleeding, and so far no one can find the source. At this time it looked as though there was a golf ball in his cheek.

This was taken at 2:30 pm, after an attempt to "pack" the hematoma. Unfortunately Jadon could not bite down, and that was key to leaving gauze in his mouth. If he couldnt bite down, he could choke on the gauze. By now it looked as though a small tennis ball was in his cheek. Jadon was given Platelets immediately after this failed procedure, but he did not latch on to them, so overnight he also had a round of IVIG (Intra Veinous Immuno Globulins).

Thursday after a few attempts at "mouth cares" aka, peroxide and saline washes. They were painful to watch, but as you will see, very beneficial to getting the hematoma out.




Monday... Bone Marrow Biopsy Day!

Tuesday... Our first BIG Smiles!!!

Wednesday... We just found out Jadon's platelets were at 184,000!!!! Sutures came out today, with no bleeding, we are FOR SURE going home tomorrow!!!

And today, as we came home, we were so grateful to have had all of your prayers, and kind thoughts and well wishes for Jadon!

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