Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The move is on...

Or shall I say - DONE!

I will never again pack another box - unless it is boxes sending my kids out into the real world.

I have now officially read files that dated back to 1946. Yes, you read that right. I found files from the year we were chartered. I am surprised after seeing those files that there weren't some from 1909 when we were organized (those would have been cool!).

Who would have thought that someone would see the importance of keeping stale ideas in file cabinets for over 30 years would be beneficial.

Oh I know who...

She might just be the same person that didn't pack a single box, and then threw a hissy fit today when she discovered that her office was still in the back of my Jeep and that I was not going to stand in the rain to unpack it.

I am not a mean person - ask my friends (Kim? Brenda?). They know the real me. I will do about anything for a friend - nay, even a stranger, but when you outwardly spite me, well, there is comeuppance...

When I say I deserve a few days off after this move and you sigh heavily, remember this - I packed your desk - nicely - after I asked you to do it and you snapped like a twig in a brisk winter wind. I packed the ENTIRE office. My husband moved most of the office. I moved the rest. When you told me the Board should have helped I had to be held back.... apparently you didn't think it was also your responsibility.

Thanks for that.


Now on for some good news! (yes, it is another Stellan update!)

Just as I was going to post, I got another Tweet from Jennifer, so things are not as sunny as they were, but I truly believe that there will be a few more downs as he gets better - which I believe is truly happening!

Check out her post: "Best Day Ever"

In case you missed it (or don't listen and click - hehehe), Jennifer and Stellan are being featured on a local news cast here in the frozen tundra! You can check it out online http://tinyurl.com/co5aug

Thank you again for all our prayers and healing thoughts. She can feel them, and they give her strength!

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