Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Those darn little leprechauns!

Leprechauns, leprechauns everywhere!

I love the magic of a child's innocence. It doesn't get any better. Knowing that Jadon, being 6-1/2, will soon find this stuff stupid and silly, and the magic soon to be no more than folly, I took full advantage of his delight over leprechauns and their shenanigans!

J: MOM! Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING that we poured into a glass today turned green!

Me: Really? How did that happen?

J: Those darn little leprechauns got a hold of EVERYTHING! (now jumping and dancing and doing what we lovingly call "the J.J.")

Me: What did they have to do with drinks turning green?

J: Well they are so sneaky, they just used their magic that they have in their hats and they turned everything green!

Me: Wow.

J: Watch this!

Panic set in... He wanted to SHOW me, and I wasn't sure I had the "magic" in the house! (note to self, no need to by food coloring... ever again, 6 boxes should last the next 300 years)

He got the apple juice out of the fridge and went for a cup. I was trying to figure out how I was going to finagle the trick without him seeing it... Luckily my sneaky 11 year old figured out I was in need of help and called him into another room. I quickly grabbed the green coloring, and placed drops in a few glasses in the cupboard. When he returned to the room, I asked if I could do the honors. He obliged.

So I grab glass #1. Set it stragically on the counter so that he could not see to the bottom, and began to pour.

"The JJ" ensued in full force.

Just then Jim walked in. He told Jadon he wanted to see it happen. My husband is notorious for trying to bust my shit when I play magic mommy, hence why I prepped more than one glass. I usually win if you haven't already gathered.

This time Mantha said she wanted milk. Green again!

Sadly, apparently leprechauns are not partial to chocolate milk.

Those darn little leprechauns!
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