Monday, March 16, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Its Monday. I don't do Monday well. You would know that if you knew me, because you would know that I don't ever sleep well, but especially not on Sunday nights.

My Mondays used to start out eating Cheeto's for breakfast, and sitting in my pj's in the car whilst watching my children saunter in to school because I got up and did Not Me's - a blog carnival my dear friend MckMama started a while back.

If you know me at all, you will also know that Monday started pooling into Tuesday, and Wednesday and Thursday and Friday. I never seem to make it out of my pj's before school these days. I don't eat Cheeto's for breakfast any longer. In fact, I tried to eat some yesterday but they didn't taste good. For that matter, chocolate hasn't been tasting good lately either (unless they were the truffles that Munchie Gifts sent me in order to prevent me from committing a random crime...). But that is a different conversation for a different day.

So whats up for confession this week?

I did not make late excuses twice last week when I found myself taking longer than usual to get ready for work. I am not a procrastinator. Not at all. Not.

I did not almost lose my mind at a meeting last week because I felt someone was being self serving on a committee that is meant to raise awareness for good things for youth. But I felt this person was participating only for their own benefit. Because there was little proof otherwise.

If you know me at all you know that I am passionate about pretty much everything I do (unless it is getting up in the morning, cleaning [lately] or putting up with peoples self servitude). Therefore when someone is taking advantage of others kindness, I lose it. Quickly. I am pretty forgiving, but when you do something intentional that will or has hurt someone, look out! I do not have the time for it. I DID NOT have the time for it last week.

(on an aside, I am German, Irish and Italian. Need I say more?)

And the small little snowflake became an avalanche by the time Thursday afternoon came about.

I did not go out and spend over $100 last weekend, and another $60 yesterday on beads, and metals, and supplies for jewelry I want to make when I have not sold anything since the beginning of January. I do not have an issue with supply and demand. Really I do not! Ok, I do. But I also have a creative mind, and it needs to be played with or it sits in a corner and pouts.

I did not every time I walked in the door we mostly go in and out of wish that the room that has been under construction for over a year would get finished so I do not have to keep tripping over shoes, and hats and mittens and jackets that fell off the hook. I know, if I bent over and picked them up I would not have to trip over them.

There in lies the problem. I can not bend over and get back up - its a fibro thing. At least that is what I tell myself!

I did not just open a box of Cheddar Asiago Sourdough Squares. I did not because its only 8:21 and they are clearly not of the breakfast food kind. I have self control and will not commence eating the entire box so I do not have to close it up later.

I DO need to quit drinking so much caffeine, more importantly, carbonated caffeine, and drink more lemonade and water before what always happens happens. I did not realize this weekend that it has almost been 9 months since my last kidney surgery. This is about the time I should start having issues again. Like pregnancy, I seem to have a delivery at the end of each 9 months. If I were physically able and my stalagmites were actually babies, we would now be looking towards delivering #5.

While I do not want to, I really should consider getting ready for work.

I hope you all have great Mondays!

Oh, one more quickie - I did not come to the edge of my life yesterday when I decided to give BOTH cats a bath. They are both still pissed. But my eyes are happy, and that is what matters. Well, they do not matter anymore, so that is what counts!

One more... Sorry... I am happy to announce that Katie's husband Slappy raised MORE than his goal, and will commence head shaving tomorrow for St. Baldricks Day!!! Just because he raised more than his goal does not mean Childrens Cancer Research can't use a little more - so if you are interested in helping out, visit Katie's blog and let her know! Congrats Slap!
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