Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Oh yes she did...

You would think after yesterday people would be a little more aware of their surroundings, but apparently one child hit by a car whilst trying to get to school is not enough.

Yesterday morning a grandpa was bringing his 7 year old grand daughter to school on his bike. Problem #1: they were both on the bike. On a one person bike. Problem #2: Grandpa apparently thought his bike was bigger than the conversion van that was right where he wanted to be. Problem #3: It happened right outside my son's kindergarten classroom. Problem #4: my friend called screaming, "did you hear about the accident at ...... this morning? Ambulance's and police everywhere.

Hyperventilating ensued.

Thank God my son's teacher is very respondent to my fears and emailed me that everything was ok!

So this leads to this morning...

My daughter is getting out of the car, right in the cross walk in the school crossing zone. Along comes - nay, flies - a lady in her very large luxury car, through the school zone. Slamming on her brakes with no room for error, shaking her head at my daughter. All along, me fighting to get out of my seat belt and screaming at her.

Problem #1: I didn't get out fast enough to pummel the ignorant biotch. Problem #2: She had a baby in the back seat, therefore she should be aware of children. Problem #3: My daughter was too busy flipping her hair around to even notice.


Don't let me get all mommy on you lady... you will not recover! (and I know where you live and where you work, because I know WHO you are, so expect a nice note from me very soon!)
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