Friday, March 6, 2009

Thrify Friday


That is how much it cost us to fill 18 bags of groceries today.

18 BAGS!

Not plasticcan'tgetmuchinthembags, but 10 reusable bags and 8 paper bags.

Just a buck ma'am
I don't remember these events in the city, but here in our small town, one of our grocers does a $1 day event once a quarter, usually on a day when there is no school she he has a ton of people to work. Not everything is a dollar of course, but a HUGE amount of name brand, and their store brand items are $1.

They have their own meat market/butcher department with chicken and pork for $2 a pound. We bought tons of chicken, and a beautimous 16# pork tenderloin (for $1.50 #) that was nicely made into 4 cuts for freezing and consuming later.

Why is your ass so big?
We loaded up on cheese and butter of course, because they are two things that this family goes through in copious amounts. There is no question why my ass is the size it is!

In this economy, its th-a-rilling to come home with more groceries than you have room for - paying less than you paid for 3 days worth of food the week before! Our receipt said we saved $78 today. If we would have remembered our coupons it could have been a lot more, but we weren't concerned - we will save those for a day when cheese is $5 a package, and butter costs more than our mortgage.

What not to do in the grocery aisle on $1 day!
We skipped breakfast to get there before the crowd. I dont know what we were thinking waiting to see Jason and Molly on Ellen. It caused us to arrive at the height of the blue hair stampede. I hope when I am older I won't hold coffee chatter gossip sessions in the middle of aisles on super busy days in a small town grocer with my other blue hair friends.

Can we do one more day of tuna?
On another aside - it is only week two of Lent and already we are tired of tuna. Too bad we decided to have tuna pasta salad tonite. I guess we should have skipped the tuna melts for lunch... Maybe we will do cheese omlettes...

Oh the delights...
After my nap I will worry about what comes next. I am loving this day already! We took Mantha to her dads last night, and Jim was home early, so its me and the boys (and cats and dog) just layin around for the rest of the day. They are playing Wii until 1 (so I can watch Bold and Beautiful) and then we are taking family nap time to a whole new level with an afternoon slumber party in moms bed with Disney Channel for those who don't feel like sleeping (eh hem, the short person that would rather play Wii all afternoon, eh hem...).


Oh, one more thing.... when did getting your period become sexy??? I just saw one of those "Mother Nature/Tampax" commercials, and while I realize it has been 4.5 years since I have tripped the light fantastic down the feminine hygiene aisles, I am pretty darn sure I never found having my evil personality Ruby show up as sexy, or fun. This latest commercial makes me wonder if I was missing out on something! Or not.

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