Monday, March 2, 2009

So much better than a hairy ear!

Today my sweet friend Barbara took a break from her hectic life full of trials I hope I never have to face to share an award that melts my heart and makes me smile. I have felt so much love from my friends here lately, and this really made me feel so not alone!
Friend Award

Here is what the award was created for: "These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these kind writers. When you pass the award along please include these guidelines. I am to choose eight friends to share this with."

I commented to Barbara after a very wise commenter stated "...finding five or eight or ten or whatever to pass it on to is like Sophie's Choice. Unless you pass it along to EVERYBODY, how do you, in good conscience, pick a few out of those you regularly read?"

I kind of agreed. I read far more blogs than I have readers, and I comment on far fewer blogs than I read. But they all touch me the same. Because of that, I am going to give this award to two readers of mine. Two readers of theirs. Four random blogs whom I have read but may or may not have commented on.

It will be a fun and prudent challenge. I already have ideas who I will share it with. Maybe it will spread some wings of its own, and it still fits the guidelines of the original award.

First my readers:

Both of these ladies also received the "Hairy Ear Award" also known as "Van Gogh's Ear Award" (that I loved by the way! It just wasn't pretty to look at).

KimD from Kim Writes aka Lifeafter: Kim is a great friend. She recently realized that what she has to offer is more valuable then some allowed her to believe. I am so proud of her for the decision she has made to accept it and move on with positive and caring friendships!

Mary Ellen from Adopting M.E.: Mary Ellen joined the blogging world on the cusp of her birth certificate being unsealed in her state. She started out as a commenter on many of her friends blogs, but found even greater support when she started her own. While things have not gone as she had planned with her newly found identity, she has discovered something even more valuable - great friendships!

Now their readers (because they are both friends, this was easy because both of these people read both of their blogs!):

Hallie from Wonderful World of Wieners: Hallie is someone I have read off and on for over a year. I don't often comment because I feel like I am riding the shirt tails of others - so I read, I laugh, I enjoy, and then I talk about her behind her back to my friend Kim! Bwa to the Ha to the Ha Ha! Hallie is someone we all could aspire to be more like when it comes to friendship. She is witty, and quick, yet compassionate, and caring. (just don't read Morbid Monday's if you are weak of stomach!). And seriously, if you decide to start reading Hallie and become bff's with her - be warned, she does strange things whilst on the phone, and will blame them all on you when she gets busted!

Kimmy from Tales of a Blender Kimmy: Kimmy is another person I click on regularly. She is hilar-y-ous! Anyone who mails lava rocks back to Hawaii to get rid of bad luck (not to mention other tales of hilarity) and plans trips to Florida about the same time her kid is losing a tooth just to make an extra ten bucks has to be worth reading right? Not to mention she is Hallie's Bff (which will make it hard for you to become Hallie's bff, therefore you should not get blamed for doing things that she did whilst on the phone with you. just sayin. UNLESS you buy Hallie Prada - guaranteed she will dump any friend for a new Prada. Ok, not guaranteed, but I do believe it has been threatened) and they do some zany things together. So how does that earn Kimmy a friend award? Just read her, you will find out!

Now for the four randoms:

This first one is sort of random, sort of not. This blog is the half sibling of another blog I used to read, but since has closed its doors. Gracenotes 95 written by Suzanne (formerly Countrymom of citymomcountrymom) and Christina who I have never "met". They are both readers of one of my friends MckMama, and fellow "Not Me'ers".

This next one is really random - like I clicked through links of several links and found myself buried (just today) in her blog. Bonnie from where did this all come from has intrigued me enough to add her to my favorites. She is funny, and after mine own little heart - please don't call me either if you know me, cuz I plan on sitting firmly in front of the teevee and watching Jason either make a really good choice, an ok choice, or the biggest mistake of his life!

Another funnier than funny, savedhertomyfavoritesplanonvistitingoverandoveragain new blog I found today (apparently I had nothing better to do than find new people to stalk read). Heidi from Mommy doesn't live here anymore. Seriously - lost minds and electronics overload aside, Heidi made me wish I had more time to go all the way back into her archives and read on forever. So maybe after Jason proposes to Melissa (God I hope!) I will go back and read some more.

I changed my mind about 4 random blogs - just now. Because there is someone I really want to pass this on to. She is someone I have read, commented to and bonded with. The very first time she commented to me I first saw her name in my email. It was right before the anniversary of my mothers passing. Something about seeing her name made me stop, and skip a few heart beats. And I shared it with her. The very first time I conversed with her. And she didn't laugh at me. In fact I remember her telling me she was honored to bear the name of my mother, and was happy that it brought back good memories of her. So Elaine at Matters of the Heart, I pass this award on to you as well!

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