Monday, March 2, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Its MckMama's Monday Morning blog carnival time! Join in the fun, and be a part of a growing phenomenon of free therapy, public confession, and a whole lot of things you would never admit to your best friend (ok, well that may be extreme!).

Are you one of those people who accepts dares? If so, if you have not ever done Not Me! Monday, I DARE YOU to join in the fun!

I did not do Not Me's! for the past two weeks. Not because I did not not do anything the previous weeks, but more because I was stressed, overworked, undersleep'ed (like that?) and extremely unmotivated.

I have not been posting much lately, nor reading much lately, and certainly not commenting much lately, but know, I still love all my bloggy friends, I have just been... stressed, overworked, undersleep'ed (like that?) and extremely unmotivated.

I do not understand why the government will not listen to the people who gave all these num nuts jobs, and do the right thing for our economy. Do I know what it is? Nope. But I am not paid the big bucks to figure it out. I just know that what they are doing, or not doing is not working, nor are a lot of my friends because of lay offs, so please, quit ear marking funds, bailing out banks and big business who do not understand that our tax money is not to pay out big bonuses, and create some damn jobs already! If we can not afford the taxes, homes and responsibilities we already have, where are we going to get the money to pay down the deficit when you start using our tax dollars to pay for someone else's private jets, tropical vacations and multiMILLION dollar bonuses. Do they not realize that ONE bonus could probably bail out 100 families from the debt they are under???

Off my soap box... sorry.

I did not receive the most amazing sweet and delectable gift from Munchie Gifts just because I threatened offered suggested to MckMama that I drive 2 hours to her house, and steal one of the truffles (in an edible box no less) that her Prince Charming gave her for Valentines Day. Bless Bill at Munchie Gifts for wanting to preserve my good name by preventing me from breaking many laws just for chocolate! I am thinking about ordering me some Wisconsin Cheddar popcorn from their website today! You should check out what they have to offer - it makes me drooly and all kinds of hungry just thinking about it!

I did not find out about the wonderful tasty sup rise the same day we buried my favorite (and only) grandfather (in law). The gift holds a lot of meaning, especially on that day, because grandpa and I were the only ones in my husbands immediate family that loved truffles, so we would sit and eat them together!

I did not just get back from taking the kids to school whilst cursing my husband for not telling me I was out of gas in my Jeep. I called him to thank him for that most wonderful surprise this morning. I did not have my wallet, and was not in my pj's, wet hair, no socks in 6 degree weather. I did not have time to change and bundle up because I had the kids with me and they would have been late for school. I could not wait for Jadon to saunter into school, I had to drop and dash. I was literally on vapors. I never do that. It breaks my sappy mommy heart.

I am not having anxiety about our move from the building my office has been in for over 20 years into a new building. There is so much to do in very little time.

I am not jealous that the east coast is getting dumped on. I sort of hope we have one really big storm that causes us to miss work for a day or two just for the fun of it, in the spirit of winter yo!

I am not going to ring my husbands neck for not listening me AGAIN. We are campers (ok, hotel on wheelers) and the place we like to go to for Memorial Day fills up in a matter of a few hours. So on March 1st you need to call until you get through. His excuse for not calling? "Its Sunday, they aren't open on Sunday". My response "last time I checked camping was a weekend sport, so call them!". Did he? Nope. Do we have a place to camp on Memorial Day? Nope. Neither do the 6 other families that were planning to go with us!


I am so not ready for work, and I need to get that way soon - since I need to be there in a half hour.
Have a great day!
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