Thursday, July 10, 2008


I dont have the time to play with my mouse.

I want to fast track past security and get to comment nervana so I can join in the fun, but nooooooo, I have to put my finger on that stupid squeaky malfunctioning thing that doesnt like being called blue tooth (I think there is a trailer trash connotation in "blue tooth", but mister squeaky doesnt take to me making up excuses for why its ok to be bt), because apparently my security doesnt believe that "y" stands for "yes", and that if I go there all the time I should get a frequent shopper pass.

In my haste I struggle to spell, and am half blind so "what the" anyway is up with those stupid wavy smooshed together letters for verification. Why oh why??? I know, I make you do them too, but I do it out of spite. I will succumb to peer pressure, if you jump I will too and we can go into non verification bliss together.

Come on, I dare you!
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