Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Built like momma, and decadent desserts too!

So tonight my son, a boy, masculine, tough guy (ok not so much), walks up the stairs from the dungeon I mean playroom, and this is what I saw coming at me:
Shake it to the left, shake it to the right.... Thank God they were made of a football and a basket ball (mini in size, but still of masculine sorts)

oY....Oy.... oY!

On to my other favorite subject:

The Club, Flowers and Dessert!

The Club had a Back Yards and Blooms Garden Tour last week. Along with the tour, the Club hosted a Decadent Dessert party, where local ladies made and donated the desserts and the recipes for us to provide for the after party. Below you may drool over the spectical of decadence, but please, restrain yourselves because we ate them all gone! Sorry!

The one you will notice is only halved in the photo because well, it was so good that it started going before the picture was taken. And please, dont judge me for the day old day lillies. I wasnt thinking.... Again, I am sorry!


Tres Leches with fruit. Fresh Grapefruit Cake (this was to die for amazing, and I will share the recipe if you beg me).

Tres Leches, Fresh Grapefruit Cake, Tirimisu Torte (some idiot [me] cut it before the photo) and Chocolate Praline (this was the only dessert I didnt get to sample as I am allergic to most nuts).

There were at least a dozen other desserts that were equally as stunning to look at, but they were not in photographical states at the time that these pictures were taken.

If you are planning on visiting my neck of the woods next summer about this time, let me know, I will be sure to get you tickets and will reserve you something decadently tasty, yet amazingly calorie free!

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