Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A stones throw

Last November I had several very large stones in my left kidney. I had orthoscopic surgery to remove the largest, with Lithotripsy to blast the littler of the buggers. I then had a stent in for a week following to be sure that anything left behind could pass without interference (which by the way, if you have ever had any of this done, the stent is the worst part - talk about yanking your bladder out your woohoo everytime you consider peeing).

And all was well.

Until last week.

On Monday I woke up thinking the pain I was having was not Fibro pain, but I didn't want to admit that it could be what I was fearing. So I ignored it.

On Tuesday it was getting harder to deny, but still, I didn't want to give into the thought, and if I ignored it it would go away right?


On Wednesday I was moving very slow. By noon I couldnt sit any longer, and by the time I made it to the doctor at 1:45 I was no longer walking.

Demoral and Visterol were administered so I could lay down to have a CT Scan that would reveal what I already knew.

And then I was rushed to Mankato to the hospital that actually has a Urologist.

Thursday I had a stent placed in my left kidney - under General Anesthesia which I never respond well to.

Friday I came home with Vicodin and a pharmacuetical chest of other fine meds.

Friday night I was back in the emergency room with pain so intolerable I thought I was giving birth to a 25 year old sumo wrestler.

Saturday - Today I have been on Percocet - a lovely little substitute for the Dilantin they gave me on Friday night.

And tomorrow I get to go back in for surgery at 8 am to get this stupid thing removed.

But the stupid stent will stay put for up to 2 more weeks.

And then the anti food diet will begin. If it has calcium I am almost guaranteed to be told never again to eat it.

I have the same Urologist as last year, and the first words out of his mouth on Thursday were "why didn't you follow up with me? I told you what you needed to do to prevent this again".

Um, well doc, there was this little thing called life. And life included my step fathers death and my sons near death, so I am sorry that I didn't follow up. But I am guessing the third time wont be very charming, so I had better listen this time.
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