Wednesday, July 9, 2008

And we're back!

And busier than all get out!

Relay is in 16 Days and we are c.r.a.z.y! I have Chaired Entertainment and Activities, Online Registration and have been the county webmaster, and Teams Co-Chair for Relay for 5 years now, but this year we added Event Chair to my repitoire. It may be the last! Its not much more work, because our core committee has been working together for 5+ years and we have our jobs down pat. But that being said, the added stress of knowing that if something is forgotten its on me is putting me over the edge. Especially since this is in no way my only job. I am trying to stay confident that we will raise enough funds this year - but we aren't seeing the numbers so far. We need good weather so our packed full night of entertainment can happen because the night of we have managed to squeak out over 30K. This is the most entertainment we have ever had (from 5pm - 4am) so we are hoping it will keep wallets open! It sounds greedy, but as a survivor who was diagnosed in this county, I know that the resources we are raising funds for extremely valuable, and awareness is very important. We have one of the highest cancer rates per capita in MN. Its scary!

In the middle of the final count down to Relay, the Club (under the suggestion of myself and a fellow Relay member) decided to do a huge Backyards and Blooms Fundraiser. What were we thinking??? The garden tour started Monday. Its over tonight. But I am in charge of publicity and creative content (ie posters, ticket books and recipe books). What the hell was I thinking???

And then there is my job. Well anyone who works in non profit for business knows, there is no downtime. We will leave it at that!

And now, another moment provided by a blue eyed cuddly 5 y/o:

Me: (waking up) Why are you in my bed?
J: Because I wanted to be.
Me: What is wrong with your bed?
J: Nothing.
Me: Then why are you in my bed?
J: Because I was lonely.

You gotta love him. Soon though I know it will all change, so I am cherishing all of these moments. M on the other hand wants nothing to do with me - well unless she is hungry. Then I am her best friend.

Did I mention how much I was not made to be a mom let a lone a good one? Because I am sure most of you are thinking I run screaming from 1/2 of them (1 out of 2, yes, but its still half so leave me alone!) most of the time.

BTW, my vacation was absolutely perfect. There was only one day that spiked 90, and I spent most of that day yelling at the kids on the other side of the window whilst soaking up the air conditioning! I couldnt keep them out of the lake for anything. But that is what vacation is for. That and reading good crime novels and taking naps at 3 in the afternoon! :) I cried on Saturday because I realized my fantasy life on a lake was almost over for another year. And so was the good ol home cooking my aunt provides.
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