Friday, July 11, 2008

The beauty in natures fury

There have been storms all over Minnesota the past two days. Where we are, we have been on the fringe, either a few miles to the north or south - literally. So we have had the beauty of the fury without the beast.

The cabin I was at all last week was within very few miles of a tornado that destroyed a few turkey farms. If I have to guess where the farms were, I would say that as the crow flies, the tornado probably would have been visible if not for the tree's around the cabin.

My dad called to tell me that they had over 2" of rain fall in less than a 1/2 hour. He is up north where the storms were really riled up this early afternoon. There was a tornado in the county their cabin is in, but he wasnt sure where it struck and what damage was done.

Mantha is in the city with her dad, and they are on round like 4 of the wickedness - Heidi, I hope you are getting through it ok!

But like I said, we have just had the beauty. So here are a few shots taken out our front door looking over the neighbors house:

Of course a photo does not do justice to how contrasting this scene was. The lower layer of clouds - which looked to almost touch the roof tops they are that low - ranged from orange to red to silver. They were moving east. The white thunder clouds were pretty much standing still, but building to the west. Some converged right over our heads. We heard a little thunder, but like most of the storms that have hit our corner of the state this month, we are unscathed. As I say this the wind is picking up, but the radar shows nothing, so I will not fret, and rather look at the beauty a little longer before the sun goes down.

If you are in this, or any other storms path, may your family stay safe!

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