Monday, July 28, 2008

The things people will do for money...

I don't know if it is for greed, to sell at a higher price, or if it is for self benefit, but in reading the ad in my local shopper I am wondering to myself what the motivation was:

"If any of the people that got free yellow lab puppies at the Fair no longer want them, the Humane Society will pay $100 for each puppy".


Isn't the Humane Society there to help find homes for animals who have been abandoned? When did they start purchasing animals so they can in turn sell them for profit? I know the Director of our local HS and I know this is her mind set. She probably found out they were pure bred and wants to sell them at an upcoming pet expo in the large town close by. I know this is her modus operandi because she once tried to deny our adoption of an abandoned abused Siamese kitten because and I quote "I can get more for him if I wait until the pet expo".

This just pains me.

Am I wrong to think this does not make sense???
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