Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Vacation Pictures

A few days before we left for vacation "Great Grandpa" (Jims Grandpa) turned 93. He is in the nursing home, and it makes me sad because he spends a lot of time alone. Grandma Rose has been gone almost a year now.
So this was taken in June, but since I fell upon it while uploading vacation pictures I decided to share it with you (besides, the flowers are now brown and shrivelled up, so its nice to see them lush). Anyway, this baby bird was taking flying lessons and decided to perch in my flower pot. He watched us 1/2 the morning. This little guy also visited Jims mirror on his truck, the kids playset at the base of the slide, and the window sill in the family room. Like Flat Stanley or Wheres Waldo, only we never had the camera handy...

The Bucket List: For 7 summers we have vacationed at my aunt and uncles cabin. These two buckets have been used in a similar fashion first by Mantha, and then by both kids since the first visit. There is always at least one day's worth of play that includes little people sitting in them.

As you can see, Daschel was getting a little envious of said bucket play

So the kids generously donated a miniature version of the red bucket

and he played and played and played with it... all weekend long.

Im pretty sure that you dont water ski on your face (see the ski on the left side of the wake?). I give Mantha kudo's for trying, but she seriously doubled her weight in water and lost interest immediately. She was a trooper tho!

I know for sure that you cant swim in sand, but it was so cute to watch that I didnt have a heart to tell Jadon that he wasnt going to get anywhere that way.

Dash loved the water. The breed is not a water dog, but apparently no one told him. We are hoping that this will make baths easier!

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