Monday, July 14, 2008

Addiction to get your undies in a bunch

Or inside out in my case.

Ever stayed up so late that you didn't realize the next morning that you dressed yourself in a less than perfect manner? Well that was me this morning. And it took until noon for me to notice. Of course no one else could tell, but nonetheless I was self concious and worried that there was more - like mascara on my lips and lipstick on my lashes. Especially after my opinion post of last week!

Well such addiction is this utterly stupid show called Big Brother. I mean what moron schedules their life around such a sadistic muttering of idiocracy. Oh, me.

Not only do I watch the 3 evenings a week, but I even DVR and fast forward much of the late night stuff so I can have the "inside scoop" on all my peeps that secretly wish they had a DVR and the ability to be me.

Why oh why?

Needless to say, said garments remained status quo because well, I was too tired to care.
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