Friday, September 18, 2009

The sounds of immenent doom

You know when you are watching a drama - or horror movie - and hear that sound? It starts out as resonence - something about to happen - when your heart starts to pound a little harder, just enough that you can feel the beat in your ear? Then the music starts to mimic that pounding vibration of fear and adrenoline. First with a subtle drum beat, then cue the violins and finally the whole precussion section of: duuh-dun, duuh-dunn, duh-dunnnnnnn....

Just as the plot climaxes to immenent doom (or drah-mah).

Know what I am talking about?

Ok, now in your mind you know that in "real life" you would never be forewarned. You also know that if you did hear that sound you would be smart enough to run the other way right?

Now imagine me, sitting peacefully in my family room, browsing the internets, Google'ing things I don't need, wishing SOME PEOPLE would update their blogs so I would have something new to read, and then deciding, I suppose I should balance the checkbook before making my annual trip with my friends Stacy and Jody to my favorite store tomorrow.

When all of the sudden I hear....

duuh-dun, duuh-dunn, duh-dunnnnnnn....

Opening checking account = DOOM?

It kept getting louder, and louder, and louder.

My heart started to race, and all of the sudden I felt like I should run.

Change my name and move to another country.

As the page starts to download I start seeing stars and feel like I am going to pass out as the beat gets louder and louder.

Closer and closer.

Just before I blacked out (or didn't), the precussion kicked in.

Then I heard the horn section...

I knew it was over. I was doomed. I would be hauled to the center of town in a heavy floor length smock with a scarlet "B" (for bounced) on my chest, and my fellow townspeople would commence pelting me with tomato's.

And then all of the sudden....

I realized it was just the highschool band practicing their marching down my street!


Happy Friday!
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