Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Birthday to my pally Kim!

Its a day late, but thats only because it took me until now to recover from our "Kims Birthday Food Fest" that we enjoyed with our dear friend KimD! As always Mantha aka "Skittles" enjoyed her alone time with Kim as they drove down together from the cities! Jim and I still haven't eaten - I think I am just now getting my appetite back!

I dont know if it was that we were so hungry yesterday that we ate so much, or if it was the hostess "Madge" that was spawning us to hang out longer by her rude and snide "if I knew you were going to stay this long I wouldn't have seated you here" comments.

Thank God we had a nice and understanding waitress (she either really felt bad or has a really good customer service face!).

Mantha took this picture yesterday! As promised Pally, I zoomed! :)
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