Saturday, September 26, 2009

My very scary dream (as told by Jadon)

Mom, I had a very scary dream last night.
It was about unwrapped mummys [twisting his pj top]. And my friend, I mean cousin Lainie, accidentally woke one up and I didn't.
When the one in the bed woke up then the other 5 woke up [showing me how many by waving 5 fingers at me]!
When the first mummy woke up we had to run outside.
It was very scary!!!


[wait for it....]

[still waiting?]

[the suspense is killing you right?]

[it nearly killed me. thank goodness it didn't or you wouldn't know the whole story!]

[and my sudden death would remain a mystery]

[you may want to sit down for this!]

[here it comes!]

We got out the Spider Man Fruit Snacks.

That. Is. It.

(the end)
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