Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mother Nature got the memo!

It appears she got the message - Fall hit as soon as the clock changed to 4:19!

Last night it felt as though darkness fell earlier. It was damper than normal. Amazingly the leaves already smelled musty. Even the temp dropped drastically.

Speaking of leaves, did anyone notice the sudden change in color? What once (once = Monday at 4:18) was lush green was instantly brown and orange and yellow crunching beneath my feet with a musty, already been here for a few days kind of scent.

This is my favorite time of year - must be the secret hidden vampire in me!

I love fall colors, cool evenings, less sun to burn my cornea's (that color on my face? um, its from a bottle!) and no heat! I am in heaven!

As for these characters:

they seem to like it too, because last night I could have sworn they took over my neighborhood!

Maybe it wasn't the leaves crunching beneath my feet....
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